Chinese tour enterprises to see the world’s foreign companies to make them shocking innovation k9084

Chinese tour companies to see the world’s foreign companies to make them shocked by the innovative exhibition, Chinese game companies from the German market to the world. Government organizations to participate in the exhibition, and European counterparts to exchange, just a few days time, give us rational thinking and hidden business opportunities." Beijing Pavilion game entrepreneurs said two times with the Beijing City News Publication Bureau of radio and television organizations, they look for the show, not only in the exhibition hall, exhibition booths to look so simple. With the help of the exhibition, they looked from the exhibition hall is transferred to the exhibition, by the German market saw the European market by the European market to the world. The Cologne game show, "Sino Swiss game merger and Investment Fair" and "Sino French game cooperation forum"…… Beijing game companies seek business opportunities, in the outdoor development. In the Cologne game show on this top platform, not only can learn from each other and learn from, let us understand the ecological status of each country in the game field." Beijing wisdom Star Technology Co., Ltd. executive director Peng Yue admitted that many countries show the game sharing, the content of its innovative shocking. Through this platform, can open the game practitioners horizons, to understand the game development trend, but also to avoid the closed doors, it yijuduode." As the person in charge of technology, the world wide web Polytron Technologies Inc Beijing research and development center, Li Zhenchun, senior director of the application and development of cutting-edge technology is more concerned about the development of the Kunlun. He believes that in the game show, due to the technical, product and business level with the world’s advanced level of peer communication, the development trend of the world game to understand and learn. "This is conducive to the development trend of research in the future of the game industry, is conducive to better determine the future direction of products, to further expand overseas market for company. "The game is the most popular form of artistic expression, there is a great market space and development potential. A good game can not only spread the culture, but also can quickly achieve great market value." Beijing campus Star Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Su Yuefei said. From the beginning of the book publishing to the Internet publishing to mobile Internet publishing, education product development Su Yuefei’s company has been based on the education industry of different media, mobile games in education set up special interest dynamic class brand, development of a number of knowledge points based on the education and entertainment products. He touched on the game show deeper, considered the game as a new media art form began to full penetration of social education and entertainment products have a brilliant future." "European developers can jump out of the habit of thinking, using innovation to lead the future trend of the game, they can get inspiration in any field and real life, the development of a bright spot of the product. This is a kind of ability, we need to learn and learn." Peng Yue said, in Switzerland, he felt the game industry support for the field of education and professional training game developers attention, especially for the development of independent innovation ability and ability training is very successful." In his view, a graduate in 4 to 5 months to complete the production of a game, from the initial idea to the completion of the product, which requires a very professional"相关的主题文章: