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Travel-and-Leisure Quebec City Hotels for Handicapped Tourists When you are traveling with a friend or a family member who is handicapped, you can make traveling an easy and enjoyable event through careful planning. Quebec City hotels with amenities for disabled travelers are the kind of hotels you should look for if you are headed to this city. If you choose to stay in hotels that provide such amenities, this will give your disabled .panion the opportunity to move around whenever they would want to. Plus, this also gives them independence that they can do the things they want to whenever they want to do so, instead of having to always wait for someone to assist them in everything that they do. A few of the Quebec City hotels that offer such amenities include the Auberge Saint-Antoine, the Loews Le Concorde, the Hilton Quebec, and a lot more. When choosing your hotel, also take into consideration the distance of the hotel from the destinations you would like to visit to make traveling within the city easier. The Haunted Chateau Frontenac Hotel in Quebec City Tourists flock to Quebec City no matter what time of the year it is be it summer for the many different festivals, or even winter for skiing and snowboarding. If you have been to Quebec before and are looking for a whole new experience, why not book your stay at the Chateau Frontenac, one of the Quebec City hotels which is said to be haunted?The construction of the Chateau Frontenac began back in 1893 and it was named after Louis de Buade, who was the Count of Frontenac at the time. A lot of visitors and the hotel staff reported to having seen the Count, Louis de Buade, roaming around the hotel, the ballroom, and even sitting on windowsills. The Count was seen wearing 17th century clothing, and a hotel renovation in 1993 may have stirred the ghost as it was very active during that time. Other guests were reported to see a ghost of a woman in a nightgown roaming their rooms, and this ghost was even reported to lie down beside a guest!This Quebec City hotel certainly offers a unique experience for everybody. Great Quebec City Hotels for Pets Pet lovers naturally consider their pets as part of their family and are way more than just your average pet at home. When it .es to traveling, a lot of people choose to travel with their pets especially if they will be away for quite a period of time. Taking your pet with you during your trip or vacation allows you to personally take care of your pet instead of worrying whether the person you left your pet with has fed or bathed your pet, or is taking good care of him or her. If you are headed to Quebec City, you will find plenty of Quebec City hotels which are great for travelers with pets with them. Such hotels allow you to have your pet around during your vacation and provide facilities and amenities specially designed with your pets in mind. Examples of such pet-friendly hotels are the Hilton Quebec, the Hotel du Vieux Quebec, the .fort Inn Beauport, the Chalets Montmorency, and the .fort Inn Airport Hamel. Romantic Quebec City Hotels Quebec City is a good location precisely for romantic vacations and also couples on their honeymoon. This city provides a wonderfully romantic ambiance of Europe and provides you a tour of French Canada. Among the finest romantic Quebec City hotels to stay in is the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac; this gives the right romantic mood as it is located on top of a hill and appears to be an old castle. An additional romantic hotel to see will be the Hotel Le Clos Saint-Louis, it’s a calm Victorian fashion hotel which provides wedding along with honeymoon plans which will certainly provide you with the supreme enjoyment and also an unforgettable experience. The La Pinsonniere is an additional romantic hotel to take into consideration since you can enjoy a room with a river view along with four poster beds along with a great kitchen. These hotels give you a romantic ambiance, .fortable amenities and facilities, plus hotel staff who are dedicated to providing you excellent customer service. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: