Do not understand the computer, may kill Hilary mycoolboy

Don’t know the computer could kill Hilary original title: Hilary’s largest Mingmen, a notorious man, do not understand a woman playing computer Author: Niu source: public number "cattle play." Hilary’s largest Mingmen, no doubt, is a notorious man. Don’t you think it’s Clinton? After leaving the White House, Clinton rules. This man is more romantic than Clinton, and behind him, there is a very clever but do not understand the computer woman. It also became the climax of the drama of the United States, a general election looming, the drama is more exciting. The story from Anthony Weiner about ·. The 52 year old Mr. Weiner was the Democratic Party, a rising political star, he served as New York congressman for seven consecutive times to enter parliament, each support rate is not less than 59%. But in 2011, "weinergate" outbreak, political star explosion, this is not because what a slap in the face, but also do not know computer very lecherous weiner. He likes to chat on twitter, but also love to send children inappropriate photos, which is a result of the disaster. He gave a 21 year old girl in Seattle sent his photos, the key is not the upper body photos, but the magic of the magnificent lower body. He thought it was a private chat doings of ghosts and gods, but in the end, public to twitter, let the people are watching us congressman, the lower half of the secret. When the American people amazed, the first reaction is Weiner’s own account, theft by hackers (this excuse, we should all be familiar with). But hackers steal, so get his lower body photos? Moreover, the United States eat melon masses to explore, found that there are many similar Weiner photos to more of the same girl. Finally, denying the congressman, but the United States discredited, apologize to resign. Weiner is a very grievance, he told Clinton he is the real thing some differences, send these YY photos, not with a girl appointment, or had physical contact". Wait two years later, Mr. Weiner tried to stage a comeback, this is the New York mayoral election. With excellent political talent and contacts, he was far ahead in the primaries, taking into account that New York has always been the headquarters of the Democratic Party, if nothing else, he is likely to become the largest u.s.. But what to fear. The campaign to let the politicians off the layer of skin, Weiner’s tragedy is that although there is no more child holding his legs to call him Dad, but many of his photo exposure under floating in the internet. In 2013, a website revealed that Mr. Weiner has been a "dangerous" (CarlosDanger) screen, continued to give a 22 year old girl to send his majestic photos. The key is that Mr. Weiner is honest, will not kill is not admitted. A denial but he admitted after resigning from Congress, and the three girls exchanged similar photos. Naturally, the traditional New Yorkers is not tolerant of the French, the mayor of his dream was broken. He refused to give up the election for mayor, but ultimately failed. Wei相关的主题文章: