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Do you want to find a bank when you lose your child? Shanghai police department rumors before a national bank was established China lost child safety guard "the news spread, in the circle of friends in the news that the lost children can sit down at any one bank, the staff will help find. Reporters learned from the Shanghai police department, the news is rumors. In the past few days, rumors have spread widely, and it says, "please tell your children: don’t panic when you can’t find your father or mother. Go to any bank and sit down and tell the staff you can’t find your family. The staff will contact your family.". Since October 1st, the National Bank has officially become the guardian point of China’s missing children security! The bank is the guardian of the lost child! As long as the child enters the bank, even if temporarily lost contact with parents, the child will not be abducted or unexpected! How many lost children can they help to relay?! After rumors appeared, Shanghai police immediately denied the rumor. As of press time, CCTV news officer slightly forwarded the rumor message has more than 7900, more than 1600 comments. According to a number of banking industry insiders told reporters that although the so-called "China lost contact with children security guardian" is a rumor, but the vast majority of bank outlets once there are lost children, will take the first time alarm processing flow. The police suggest that they should spread rumors, falsely report danger, epidemic situation, police situation, or intentionally disturb public order by other means, and constitute a minor circumstance, and shall be detained under five days or fined under 500 yuan. I hope the majority of Internet users consciously do not believe rumors, do not pass rumors, and jointly create a delicate gas is a good atmosphere of social network. Entering a higher school, studying abroad, parenting and workplace…… More education information > > > Shen Shen education nonlocal children in Shanghai to go to school, college entrance examination conditions list 2016 the latest edition of Shanghai school district housing and household registration of all the questions, the answer is here! Shanghai district (municipal key high school experimental high school) in Shanghai in 2016 the first volunteer list only recruit students of private schools in Shanghai district public primary school and junior high school enrollment to announce the scope of broadcast to Tencent micro-blog in Shanghai school to sweep me ~ reply young liter small, small rise early to get: reply to "senior high school entrance examination entrance Raiders" and "college entrance examination": to understand the latest information on the left side of the two-dimensional code scanning, Dashen WeChat: Shanghai Raiders entrance education

孩子走丢后要找银行? 上海警方:系谣言日前,一则“全国银行正式成立中国失联儿童安全守护点”的消息在朋友圈中流传,消息称,走失儿童可在任意一家银行坐下,工作人员会帮助寻找。记者从上海警方处了解到,该消息为谣言。连日来,谣言一度广泛传播,其描述道,请告诉您的孩子:在外面,找不到爸爸妈妈的时候,不要慌乱,去任意一家银行坐下,告诉工作人员你找不到家人了,工作人员会联系你的家人的。10月1日起,全国银行正式成为中国失联儿童安全守护点!银行就是失散儿童守护人!只要孩子进了银行,即便暂时与家长失去联系,孩子也不会被拐卖或出现意外!真要都接力起来能帮助多少走丢的孩子!谣言出现后,上海警方立即予以了辟谣。截至发稿时,央视新闻官微下该辟谣消息的转发量已超过7900余条,评论超过1600余条。另据多位银行业内人士向记者表示,虽然所谓“中国失联儿童安全守护点”为谣言,但绝大多数银行网点一旦真的有走失儿童出现,都会采取第一时间报警的处置流程。警方提示,散布谣言,谎报险情、疫情、警情或者以其他方法故意扰乱公共秩序,构成情节较轻的,处五日以下拘留或者500元以下罚款。希望广大网民自觉做到不信谣、不传谣,共同营造风清气正的网络社会良好氛围。 升学、留学、育儿、职场……更多教育资讯>>>大申教育 外地户口孩子在上海上学、中高考条件一览 2016最新版 上海学区房及户籍的所有问题,答案都在这! 上海各区县重点高中(市级实验性示范性高中)名单 2016年上海只招收第一志愿生的民办中小学 上海各区县公办小学及初中招生对口范围公布 转播到腾讯微博 在魔都上学扫 我就对啦~ 回复“幼升小”、“小升初”:获取入学攻略 回复“中考”、“高考”:了解最新资讯 扫描左侧二维码,关注大申教育微信:上海升学攻略相关的主题文章: