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Dongfeng Nissan in October to break 100 thousand sales! Sohu automobile recently, Dongfeng Motor Corporation major vehicle companies have announced their sales data. In October, many plates together climb to new heights! Dongfeng Fengshen sales in October rose nearly 70%, more than 16 thousand vehicles; Dongfeng Honda October terminal sales of nearly 460 thousand, far exceeding last year’s total sales; Dongfeng Renault sales climbed rapidly, Keleijia bicycle single month break 4 thousand…… More amazing is gradually fading in the "golden nine silver ten", Dongfeng Nissan with excellent performance, the first group to lead the automobile industry growth rate. October, Dongfeng Nissan sales hit a record high over the same period, up to 108 thousand and 600! The Sylphy sales continued to rise, it is approved the sale of double break 40 thousand cars! Dongfeng Nissan has a record 6 consecutive months of record sales, and in the first three months of this year, there are 8 months to get a new record in the history of sales of $10. Fiery sales situation is just a representation, Dongfeng Nissan, compared to sales performance is more worthy of joy is a breakthrough in the brand. Since 2015 to start the YOUNG NISSAN strategy, Dongfeng Nissan constantly change in young technology, products, marketing three aspects, not only has injected vitality and passion for the brand, but also provides a new impetus for the growth in sales. "Nissan mixed production line staff strict quality can be predicted, with fruitful achievements of the" golden nine silver ten ", plus the young product performance is getting better and better, Nissan high quality completion of this year’s annual goals and achieve new breakthroughs will shizaibide. Here is a look at the sales data of Dongfeng Nissan specific it down down down相关的主题文章: