Don’t advise me to buy a house! The current market and 5178 points in a similar magicq

Don’t advise me to buy a house! At the moment the property market and 5178 shares of A shares strikingly similar to sina finance App: Live on-line master one to one guidance of the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the easiest way to pick up money can not be used to describe the crazy. Today saw two news times, Jun five mixed heart. One is a listed company by selling two sets of Beijing school district housing security news. According to the listed company *ST Nanjing B (200468.SZ) announcement, the company intends through listing, the sale is located in Beijing city of Xicheng District to Huai Cedar Street No. 11, -201, -202, two sets of real estate, to assess the value of 22 million 726 thousand and 200 yuan. It is worth noting that the company 2014 annual loss of $18 million 976 thousand and 500, a loss of $2015 in, and since the implementation of delisting risk warning since 2016. In the first half of 2016, the company is still not optimistic about the business, and then a loss of 21 million 109 thousand and 100 yuan. However, if the company in accordance with the assessment of the value of 22 million 726 thousand and 200 yuan of the successful sale of two sets of real estate, will be able to completely fill the first half of the loss, which means that only two houses, *ST Nanjing B in 2016 is likely to achieve profitability, and ultimately achieve zhaimao. Another, according to the micro-blog certified users @ Cao rocks broke the news, Shenzhen branch of Agricultural Bank of China head office issued a document to complain: skyrocketing housing prices in Shenzhen, the loss of a large number of branch staff. In the context of the bank to earn money in the background, but instead of running away. Listed companies and bank employees can not keep up with money, or prices are too high? Think carefully, you think the current property market last year with the times of madness A shares should have so many similarities…)… Prices can not afford global stock market VS Guanjue how crazy, first look at the house is more expensive. As mentioned above *ST Nanjing B (200468.SZ) intends to sell two sets of real estate (two sets of the total assessed value of 22 million 726 thousand and 200 yuan, a single set of 10 million yuan, an average of more than 10 million) in the city of first-tier cities have been only able to buy a hundred square meters of ordinary residence. If you have a house worth 10 million yuan, what is the concept? If you rely on wages, the average wage is calculated according to the city of Shenzhen in the forefront of the country, the equivalent of 123 years of the current total wages of workers (Shenzhen City, the average annual wage of workers is 2015 to 81034 yuan); can buy 1855 memory for 32G iPhone (7 of your classmates who want to send 7 of the kidney. He is a not a thing); more than 627 A shares of listed companies net profit in the first half (the first half of the listed companies to make money than you a house price)! See gains. According to the National Bureau of statistics data, the most representative of Shenzhen in August this year, the new housing price index rose 36.8%. And if from last year, "3· 30 new deal" before the start, Shenzhen real estate prices generally doubled. Last year, the stock market, the stock market is also very expensive". According to Wind data, the most representative of the gem refers to the 201相关的主题文章: