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Health At Murphy Plastic Surgery they understand that being overweight is not only unhealthy but also negatively effects self-esteem and the ability to live life to the fullest. This is why Dr. Murphy offers his patients the HCG Diet which is based on Simeons protocol; a weight-loss theory that utilizes the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin [HCG] hormone. You may be thinking, Ive tried many diets. What makes this diet so special? Rest assured that Dr. Murphy understands the countless battles his patients have endured with other diets and would therefore only offer a diet he knows to be successful. In order to ease any worries you may have he has kindly outlined all of the stages of the HCG Diet so that they may be reviewed by any potential patient. PHASE 1 [2 days]: Before the restricted calorie diet, you will need to load enough fat. The proper fat loading provides your body with the energy it needs until the HCG can take effect and start metabolizing the fat that is stored in the body. You will take an injection of 125u of HCG first thing in the morning. Drink 1 gallon of water, and gorge yourself, eating as much food as you can throughout the day, especially fats PHASE 2 [21 or 40 days]: Every morning you will take the HCG. Weigh yourself daily in the morning. You must follow the 500 calorie a day diet very strictly during this phase for best weight loss results. You might experience hunger cravings at the very beginning, but these will subside between five and seven days. The morning is only coffee, water, and/ or tea. Lunch and dinner will be 3.5oz of protein, vegetables, and a piece of fruit. The food choices are very specific, you may eat only what is on the accepted foods list. PHASE 3 [3 weeks]: This phase allows the hypothalamus to reset and the weight loss achieved to lock in. It is very important not to add any sugar, starch, or heavily processed foods to this part of the diet. This includes fruits which are high in fructose. It is also important to weigh yourself daily. Your weight is not to go more than two pounds over/under the last injection date weight. If you find yourself having gained more than two pounds, fast for the day drinking teas and water and then eating a large steak and an apple for dinner. PHASE 4: This is the stabilize stage. You should continue to keep sugars to a minimum; however, you can bring starches back to your diet very slowly. Continue to eat proteins and stay away from heavily processed or fast foods. Learn to adjust to calorie intake and eating the types of foods that will help you do so. More information about Murphy Plastic Surgery or the HCG Diet is available on their website. You may also be interested in seeing before and after photos of patients who have successfully .pleted the HCG Diet. If so please visit NNPSA. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: