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The Dreambit: image synthesis search engine can predict your looks – Sohu of science and technology Lei Feng net according to: the science and technology translation from "Imaging Tupou engineer software predicts how you look with different hair styles, colors, appearances". Lei Feng network (search "Lei Feng" public concern number) exclusive article. University of Washington’s Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman said: now there is a latest version of the image search engine, as long as you enter the source image (left), and then enter the common network search terms, you can get the original picture and the search term "synthetic" results — for example, input the original picture and "curly" (from the top "India" (line), you can get second lines), or "1830s" (get third line). When we went to the salon, we can point to a magazine picture, we try to tell the stylist which models the other. Actors often need to change their shape to fit in. The missing population is often disguised by changing the hair color and hairstyle. But how can we expect a new look to fit before we make a real change? Or, how can we predict the appearance of a missing child who has been changed? Washington University meter computer vision researcher named Dreambit developed a new personalized image search engine, it can help people to predict them in a different hair style, hair color, or how in different period, age, national image, or with any search term after image synthesis. After you upload the source images, and then enter a search project categories, such as "hair", "India" or "1830s", the software algorithm will discover similar image categories on the internet photo collection, then you will face with the perfect image search out the match. The preliminary results of the study will be presented at the July 25, 2016 SIGGRAPH annual meeting, which is the world’s largest annual conference on computer graphics and interactive technologies. The Dreambit is expected to be on the line this year. Dreambit from the previous UW (University of Washington, University of Washington) related research and other research institutions face processing, recognition, 3D reconstruction and prediction of age, with a unique method combining all of these algorithms to create a hybrid image. This new software can also help to show a deliberately disguised missing children or want to escape legal sanction people’s appearance, and even predicted a few years after their appearance. Ira, an assistant professor of computer vision and engineering at the University of Washington, Kemelmacher-Shlizerman and her team"相关的主题文章: