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During the month, how to care side wound? Sohu – mother the day before yesterday, and they had finished with the delivery room on the side to cut that point thing, some of the mother asked, in fact, the side cutting itself does not feel so terrible, the most difficult period or in the postpartum recovery, if the side cut properly, but also prone to wound infection. So during the month, how do side wound nursing work? Keep clean every day sooner or later the two perineal rinse with warm water after the vulva, the toilet should also wash, avoid pollution of excrement wounds, to follow the principle of front to back flushing, avoid bacterial infection. Keep the wound dry frequently change underwear or sanitary pads, avoid lochia soaked wounds; in every time after washing with a paper towel, pat the perineum, keep the wound dry and clean. To prevent wound dehiscence can not defecate, the solution will be appropriate to the convergence of perineum and buttocks, and then sat on the toilet, do not use pit. To avoid lifting heavy objects, avoid squats and other hard to do, to prevent wound dehiscence mending again. Long confinement room to prevent wound infection and postpartum lochia and sweating more, plus, it is easy to wound infection. New mothers in sleep or bed, the best side in the side without perineal wound, in order to reduce the chance of perineal wound into the lochia. During wound healing, every day can be diluted 1:5000 Potassium Permanganate warm water bath, or use Iodophor for wound disinfection. Prevention of constipation and more fiber intake of food, more water, so as to avoid constipation wound dehiscence. Avoid sexual behavior within 42 days postpartum, to avoid the occurrence of sexual behavior. If a serious wound hematoma, infection, induration and accompanied by purulent secretions, and wound dehiscence, should be timely to the hospital, ask the doctor to help.相关的主题文章: