E-skin body service allows you to put the whole body into the game-masa-c

E-skin somatosensory service allows you to put the whole body into the game, have you ever thought of wearing a dress you can put yourself into the virtual world? Japan, a company called xenoma at this year’s IFA2016 consumer electronics show on a somatosensory e-skin. Printed on the surface of the clothing with a stripe, it looks no different from ordinary clothes, but in fact it can contain a lot of new things. This e-skin somatosensory built in 30 kinds of sensors, you can simultaneously detect the wearer’s blood pressure, heart rate and other data. In addition, in this part of the sleeve body fitted with 4 capture sensors, you can capture the wearer’s arm movements, and synchronized to the game, allowing the wearer to experience the fun of the game. When we play in the body of the game, our movement data will be uploaded to the game, the entire upper body can be put into the game. In addition, the body wear and wearable, even in the washing machine is no problem. Usually, we can use it as ordinary clothes. However, in other words, you will be wearing printed circuit printed clothes on the street?相关的主题文章: