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Ecological poverty, by what "golden hill"? – Finance – "road to walnut, pit supporting water conservancy, the car can run, have to build up the family fortunes." Fu Jia Shanxi Zhongyang County Yan village king years, in walnut garden casually to a jingle. A few years ago, there are still poor households in Wang, the family income of less than a thousand dollars a year. Returning farmland to forest and technology home, he on 8 acres of walnut trees, 2014 Guaguo, then sold 6000 yuan. Wait until the fruit period, income can be doubled, this day is getting better and better!" Lao Wang is quite confident. Zhongyang county is located in the Lvliang mountains, mountains and more. Necessary to protect the ecological and rich pocket, Zhongyang insist the "green" afforestation, adjust the structure, to the development of walnut industry. This is a microcosm of Shanxi ecological poverty. What color is Shanxi? The past is over coal black, yellow barren ridge. Today is not the same. Shanxi focus on forestry and water conservation, ecological construction to promote green development, make forestry economy docking accurate out of poverty, more and more mountains changed new clothes, eyeful is green. In the introduction of the BT mode, the government set the standard, buy services, driven by poor farmers to participate in as long as the time, the mouth of the town community in cunshi Lanxian to gas, the mountains around, see trees need soil, watering, there is no deforestation, the destruction of trees. "Cooperatives contract afforestation tasks can be guaranteed survival rate, otherwise the government will not recycle, it will not make money." He said. The history of oil is poor in Lanxian filing riser, the two old people planted a few acres of field, the annual income of less than 3000 yuan. This year, he joined the village of afforestation cooperatives, planting trees alone earned more than 6000 yuan. "I’m 70 years old, the age to work with nobody in the village, doing odd jobs, but also to earn so much money, not ah!" He said happily. "This is a ‘buy style’ area, the tree is a kind of cooperatives, and now look good." Lan county deputy magistrate Liu Sizhao introduced, the government is planning to buy the planting, standard, planting cooperatives contracted woodland trees; the government provides technical services, the quality of the repo to buy social service. L this BT model (construction, transfer), let afforestation "process management" to "change the purchase", greatly reduce the cost, to mobilize the poor households to participate in ecological afforestation. "In the past, people do not get barren trees, not to earn money, enthusiasm is not high." In the village Party branch secretary Su Tianzhen said: "now, the villagers own cooperative contract, buy seedlings, planting, management and protection of a dragon, the acceptance before the money, farmers must take." Liu Sizhao said that the provisions of the county, cooperative afforestation 60% profits must be distributed as dividends to poor households. In the long run, participation of poor households not only labor costs, and raising income, profit sharing, forest land management, forest rights transfer proceeds etc.. In this way, poor households into the ecological protection of the local staff to achieve employment poverty, stable income. At present, there are 65 poverty alleviation afforestation Lanxian cooperatives, members of the poverty population accounted for 88%. According to the plan, Lanxian per year)相关的主题文章: