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Business A few weeks ago I taught a private teleclass for my Freedom Circle Mastermind members. Usually, I know what I’m going to talk about a few months in advance, but for some reason last month I didn’t feel like any topic I came up with was the "right" topic for my clients with where they were on their entrepreneurial journey. Contrary to my ego’s desire for me to have everything well thought out and planned far in advance, I allowed myself to let go and listen… to allow the perfect topic to reveal itself to me. Within hours of the time I was to give this talk, the topic revealed itself… it was supposed to be about energetic consistency. Energetic Consistency is about staying centered, steady, focused, faithful and aligned with your Highest self as you chart your course through life and business. Why is energetic consistency so important? To begin with, energetic consistency will make the difference between success and struggle in each and every moment. If you are energetically consistent (as opposed to being up and down with your emotions and ego running all over the place) you experience much more ease, grace, and flow in your life all the time. Energetic consistency is about upleveling yourself on a spiritual level and shifting your mode of operation to be even more aligned with your Highest self. It’s likely with all that’s going on in the world today you may be facing some challenges in being able to stay centered, grounded, peaceful and aligned. The challenges can .e about because of the duality that we live in, the speed at which our current world is changing, and the radical realignment that is happening, especially for people (like you) who are already walking a path of consciousness in their business. I want to share with you two of my favorite tools for helping my Self "stay the course" and remain energetically consistent. I’ll likely share more tools over the .ing weeks, but here are two to get you started right now: Expand, Expand, Expand Whenever you feel yourself slipping into a contracted physical, emotional or spiritual state of being, remind yourself to E-X-P-A-N-D. When you feel these "symptoms" in your body… shortened breath, knots in your stomach, etc., they are signs your body is moving into a contracted state; and your mind, heart and soul are soon to follow. When you feel contracted, allow yourself to take some deep breaths, remember that you are a child of God and the Universe is conspiring for your highest good in every moment. Let go of the feeling that you have to control, force or will things to happen in your life and ask to be shown the doors where things are easy, fluid and touched by grace. A contracted state will keep the door of grace closed, whereas when you’re in a more expanded energetic space the door of grace easily opens, and you will see it in everything. So, right now, if you feel any contraction about anything in your life… breathe, remember who you truly are, let go, allow grace and ask for help. (Which brings me to the next tool.) Reach Out Rather Than Isolate One of the ways our ego tries to "take us out" and stay contracted is to isolate. Well, isolation is not the key to freedom. Connection is! Especially in times when you may feel like crawling under a rock and not facing what lies in front of you, reaching out and connecting with others will help you remember your Highest thoughts and help set you free. In order to remain energetically consistent, no matter what’s happening around you, you simply cannot do it alone. Connection and .munity are your lifeline to continually moving forward… as long as you see any bumps along the way as opportunities to grow stronger in WHO you are. Reaching out rather than isolating helps you exercise your ability to stay energetically consistent which leads to you feeling more ease, more joy, more alignment, more grace, more on purpose, etc. So, the next time you feel yourself being pulled off center by "something" that happens in the world around you (or to you directly), remember to expand rather than contract and reach out rather than isolate. These two tools alone can be the very difference between struggle and success… one moment at a time. Copyright (c) 2009 Christine Kloser About the Author: 相关的主题文章: