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Engadget: postpartum water will get fat? Science and technology — people.com.cn – gossip is not terrible, as long as the election of the "prescription", the scientific response, unremittingly, will control the rumors recently, a "postpartum diet taboo" article quietly spread, on the Internet said, "eat green vegetables, fruit may not after half a month, can not eat fish, the most amazing is that" it is strictly prohibited to drink, and drink soup, can not drink milk. Because the drink into the bucket, the future will become fat, prone to rheumatism or nerve pain, can use boiled water instead of wine". In response to this rumor, the monthly scientific gossip list timely release of the truth, give scientific explanation, effectively curb the further spread of the rumor. This jointly issued by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Association, joint rumor sites in Beijing platform, Beijing science and Technology Association of reporters and editors of "monthly scientific rumor list, has been for many years, with the scientific practice of crushing rumors and achieved remarkable results, by netizens. The spread of "scientific rumor" causes a huge economic loss, but also affects social stability. In recent years, the "banana carcinogenic event" "citrus fruit fly" and so on, have caused hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars in economic losses to farmers. Japan’s Fukushima nuclear accident in China also once caused panic buying salt storm social panic. Compared with other rumors or rumors, scientific gossip is often more subtle and deceptive, it is difficult to accurately identify the public. For example, the recent spread of a video in WeChat circle of friends, the video is a grapes middle-aged man said: "now the seedless grapes are soiled with the pill, to become a nuclear free, eating is not good for children, will cause sterilization." Coincidentally, another is "toxic and can not eat cucumber" video circulated on the Internet: the market for sale with a head of cucumber small yellow flowers, seemingly fresh, but in reality is to artificially add similar growth hormone contraceptives…… There are other rumors: it looks rhythmical myopia early earlier glasses degree rise more quickly, get some glasses for children of parents shilly-shally…… These rumors seem absurd, but because of the paradox of "science" wearing a coat, make up the so-called scientific explanation, and against the people living in the pain point, let some people hold "Trust Attitude", which increase the difficulty of the rumor. The rumor is a social disease, treatment of this "disease" superb medicine and precise prescription". In the early stages of the rumors of timely sound, try to reduce the spread of rumors space. Throughout the many rumors in the early, failed to timely rumor, is the main factor causing large spread rumors. Use common sense to explain the scientific principle and to improve the recognition and judgment of the public, will take the initiative to the public rumor. To rational analysis, meanders, avoid simple preaching and suppress. In addition, the best joint science, news agencies, etc., to enhance the authority. For example, the monthly scientific gossip list of some of the content from the people’s daily, health times and other media technology layout. Practice has proved that the scientific rumor is not terrible, as long as the election of prescription, scientific response, unremittingly, it is possible to control the rumors. "People’s Daily" (2)相关的主题文章: