Even the bullets have to be imported to India to export ammunition inside the open – Sohu Military C ricky lee neely

Bullets have to import India for export of ammunition? Public insider – Sohu Military Channel global network reported on September 9th: the United States military defense news reported on September 7th, according to the Nagpur sun industry’s chief financial officer Nilesh Panpaliya said, India’s main private arms traders hope to expand their share of the arms market in africa. They consider the establishment of bulk explosives factories in Australia and Indonesia. The solar industry is currently operating explosive plants in Nigeria, Zambia and Turkey. "The company plans to increase its international operations through a factory in South Africa," Panpaliya said." South Africa is Africa’s largest mining country, which gives us a very good opportunity, especially when companies want to have a competitive supplier to reduce costs." The solar industry has also evaluated Australia and Indonesia, and will be completed this year, said the chief financial officer. Apart from the development in foreign countries, the domestic market of India itself has been loosened, the original India domestic arms procurement mainly except purchase basically by India state Arsenal board (OFB) production. But now there are some things that are good for the private arms dealers. At home in India, the shell part of the lack of imports due to a shortage of local, solar industry is trying to enter this field. So far, but must be imported to meet the various needs of the ammunition, OFB monopoly of India Army Ammunition production. The solar industry has been seeking to acquire technology from the India defence research and Development Organisation (DRDO), which has experience in the development of dual module modular drug systems. The chief financial officer said, "yes, we will use the DRDO technology to transfer the results and ensure that all technical details are the same as what we have obtained." Analysts pointed out that despite the various types of missile, which can solve the shortage of tanks and artillery ammunition short-term solution. According to a senior official of the India army, the India army plans to buy more than $6 billion worth of more than $155 in the next five to seven years. As well as the corresponding dual module ammunition system.相关的主题文章: