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Home-and-Family With the real estate and mortgage markets still moribund as the economy struggles to recover, there are signs that interest in home remodeling and upgrading is on the rise. Sales, stock prices and earnings at such home-improvement retailers as Home Depot and Lowe’s, considered to be bellwethers for the remodeling market, are beating expectations for the first time in three years. Adding a room, redoing a kitchen or a bathroom, remodeling or finishing a basement – among these are the most most .mon home remodeling endeavors, and they may also include dividends in property value. According to a variety of published reports from major cities around the country, the amount invested in a minor kitchen remodel will be returned 125% in home value, with a basement remodel upping the ante 98%, a major kitchen remodel 92%, and a bathroom addition 96% .pared to a 90% return for a bathroom remodel. What all of these types of projects have in .mon, ultimately, is plumbing. Kitchens, of course, center around new cabinets and countertops, bathrooms involve vanities and storage, and basements are a lot about the game rooms and entertainment spaces. But each of these home amenities revolve around the water resources: a wet bar and bathroom in the basement, the toilet, sink, tub and shower in the bathroom, and the sink, disposer, ice maker and dishwasher in the kitchen. Whether the home owner is the classic DIYer (do-it-yourselfer) or is hiring a contractor and designer to handle the job, it is not only wise but often required by code to contract with a licensed plumber to handle the lion’s share of the plumbing. Of course the reasons are numerous, but number one is to make sure the plumbing system, doesn’t only perform to par, but doesn’t .promise the current plumbing system in place. All too often a remodeling project .promises the home’s water pressure or puts too much stress and strain on the hot water heater. Also, many plumbing projects in remodeling, particularly those done by the DIYer and involving home additions, place piping in outside walls or crawl spaces, putting the system at risk to unintended freezing which can .promise existing plumbing throughout the home. A licensed and experienced plumber doesn’t just "hook up" the new basins, faucets and plumbing appliances, but takes the home’s full plumbing system into account when planning the expansions and upgrades. Having the whole-house view of plumbing can avoid serious problems. Basements, for instance, particularly those previously unfinished, often require that plumbing fixtures include a sump pump to aid in below-grade drainage, not to mention that basement drains take particular expertise to guarantee proper drainage without risk of smelly, and expensive, backups. Proper hookup to the home’s ventilation access and home’s sewage systems are required in bathroom and kitchen projects. Especially in older homes, but even in new homes not designed for increased capacity, adding more plumbing appliances with greater capacities may require larger water lines or redirecting water lines to assure the system will operate worry-free. And there is also the consideration of building permits: government inspectors from the city or the county will pay particular attention to intricate systems like electrical and plumbing, and it will go a long way to .pleting the remodeling project to involve a licensed professional right from the start. Licensed plumbing contractors also bring other benefits to the table for homeowners contemplating a remodeling project. First, many of the leading residential plumbers have vast experience in home remodeling projects and have designers on hand who can be of great assistance in not only making the project more cost-effective, but also more beautiful, functional and water conscious. Plus, most of these plumbing contractors also have long-standing relationships with building supply .panies and fixture manufacturers, and can offer homeowners a wide array of choices at significant savings over even the warehouse appliance and fixture outlets. Remodeling a whole home or even just a room can add up to a significant value-added project – if done properly. Even construction remodeling pros know there is more to plumbing than the basics, and their bids to re-do a room or a house most often involve a subcontracting fee to a licensed and experienced plumber. Remodeling firms are willing to work with homeowners’ preferred plumbers in most cases; in fact they advise it because the plumber in question probably already knows the home’s plumbing and can make expert re.mendations in advance of building. Copyright (c) 2010 Gerry Stringer About the Author: 相关的主题文章: