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Female anchor live tour Sichuan for blitz was like "King beauty beauty" (Figure) – Beijing news anchor with the exterior cover in the form of live, lead the participants experience a personally on the scene Jianmenshudao style. Cover news anchor live in Jianmen Pass, half an hour to see the amount exceeded 16 thousand passengers. Hi, everyone! I am the cover news anchor Yuri Huang, Guangyuan Jianmen Pass is to give you a live broadcast, welcome attention and praise……" In 2016 and 29 at the Sichuan legend "forum, a silvery voice has attracted everyone’s attention, dressed in a green jacket cover girl Yuri Huang appeared on the big screen. With the location in the form of live, lead the participants to experience personally on the scene of a Jianmenshudao style. The female anchor live Sichuan beauty "I am now in Taurus road site. Taurus, the four inscription identified in Sichuan Sichuan, some of the most breathtaking, also is the core. Taurus Road, the most famous level, is now in place – off the floor." Follow the female anchor Yuri Huang lens, the eye that stretches hundreds of kilometers into layers of mountains, towering majestic Jianmen Pass tower stands proudly. Subsequently, Yuri Huang also led the guests to experience the stone road, adding some little knowledge for everyone, "wood is easy to be immersed in water stone decay, more durable. In the Tang Dynasty, wood was replaced by earth rock. We can look at the side of the road, is the reduction of the scene at that time, at that time the stone road is like this." Live by the point of praise for half an hour to watch tens of thousands of King beauty!" "I love Sichuan! I wish the Sichuan successful inscription!"…… When the half hour live broadcast, "cover live viewing exceeded 16 thousand passengers, the WCC official micro-blog watch amounted to more than 6 times, more than 2.1 times the fans point of praise. Live guests have been attracted by the live scene. "Guangyuan has more than and 300 kilometers to Chengdu, but sitting in the hall, followed by a woman’s live camera, like to Jianmenshudao scene, unlimited panoramic scenery." Guests from Chengdu, Deyang, Mianyang and other places have news coverage for the cover of the female anchor to bring praise. Sichuan beauty, reputation. With the Sichuan Road, Sichuan has become the starting point of the ancient Silk Road South "and" India Burma and Bangladesh economic corridor ". Not long ago, the WCC and cover news multichannel reporter four Bingfen Road, to the various important points of Sichuan Road, jingdanban Road on a thousand years, and enjoy the brilliant man road…… The forum was held on the same day, fresh and bright cover news anchorwoman wonderful live, even with you a taste of a different style of sichuan. Huaxi City Reader reporter Liu Yangu相关的主题文章: