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Feng Zhimo starred in "Feather Earrings" girl cross the street style Tencent entertainment news recently, new small artistes Feng Zhimo exposed a group of the latest pictures, photos of her wearing a black dress, light ripe yet playful, exudes pure temperament is different from the past. Another set of leisure Street dress with a full tidal range of children, play cool handsome style, charming. It is reported that Miao Feng was born in Zhimo Nenggeshanwu, 5 year old began filming "babe:" advertising, Conba in Zhejiang Province in 2002 was the "smart babe" honorary title; 2009 Jinhua TV broadcast newspaper together Unicom new forces cover girl contest second; in 2010 by the Zhejiang province Jinhua TV best small host honorary Title; 2010 presided over the Zhejiang province Jinhua 7-29 television "news is better"; in 2010 won the first "Wu Xiaobang Cup" international standard dance national open and the Shaxi Dance Festival first prize, second; Zhejiang Province in 2010 was the nineteenth International Standard Dance Championships, the first single cowboy single just second; 2010 Zhejiang International Standard Dance open the first national tournament. From an early age, in addition to a lot of artistic talent. She starred in the TV series "Feather Earrings" has entered the late stage of tension, the drama about Cher because Wu Tianxiang was Shangguan disaster, Wu Tianxiang was the girl’s kindness and love her story. Drama, Feng Zhimo plays the female No. two Wu Furong, in the upcoming tv broadcast, please pay attention.相关的主题文章: