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Dental-Care Those blessed with a full set of teeth may think of dentures as outdated dentistry. In truth, about 20 million Americans (including a surprising number of celebrities) wear full dentures or a partial plate. Many more should consider the health and emotional benefits of dentures. Lets look at what residents of San Bruno and the surrounding area look for when purchasing dentures. There is simply no perfect substitution for natural teeth. A healthy set is strong and durable. They look great, let you chew the foods you love, and speak clearly. However, if you are missing several or all of your teeth, theres no reason to .promise your looks and your nutritional health any further. Dentures are an affordable solution to restore function and appearance to your smile. Perhaps the most important characteristic of a denture is snug, .fortable fit. A .mon .plaint among denture wearers is that they cause mouth sores from eating; and they slip, pop out unexpectedly when speaking, or cause excess salivation. To fabricate a denture that avoids those problems, your dentist will begin by taking impressions of your mouth molds made of a flexible material and some precise measurements. This information, along with your color choice for gums and teeth, serves as the foundation for creation of your prosthetic. The design process is delicate and critical. A floating denture relies on natural suction and gravity to remain in place. Correct proportion and angle of the teeth ensure a normal look and good chewing function. Your dentist may re.mend an implant-supported denture for added stability. As few as two or four implants improve chewing function significantly. Implants can be used to anchor fixed or removable dentures. Historically, dentures were made of heavy porcelain and metal. Todays acrylic and .posite resin dentures are strong, lightweight, and resist breakage. Some are even flexible. These modern materials absorb vibration for more .fort when chewing. Patients who are having all remaining teeth extracted may want to find a dentist who provides immediate dentures. Your denture is fabricated as soon as the teeth are removed. You are able to wear them right away, while your mouth heals. Your smile looks natural and you dont have to learn to speak without teeth, and then relearn later, with dentures. However, gum tissues continue to change and shrink as they heal, so the denture will have to be relined after a few months, or a new one made. A partial denture fits around existing teeth to replace one or more that are missing. A partial plate is usually removable. It places a bit of strain on the surrounding teeth, but is a reasonable solution if dental implants are not appropriate for your situation. Designing dentures that fit .fortably and look natural is a creative exercise. It requires technical experience and an artistic eye. Take time to find a dentist in San Bruno who has these qualifications, and youll be much more satisfied with your investment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: