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Fitness-Equipment 2XU is a very well known brand in the bicycle world. If you are into cycling, you will probably see the brand on sports clothing like cycling jerseys. Here are five reasons why you should considering wearing 2XU cycling jerseys – even if you are not racing. Reason 1: .pression technology. Reason 2: More aerodynamic. Reason 3: Reflective strips for safety. Reason 4: Back pockets for convenience. Reason 5: Trusted brand in the cycling .munity. Reason 1: .pression technology. Cycling jerseys that are known as .pression clothing can help reduce energy expenditure. The .pression assists in the riders in managing the vibrations of that the muscles have to deal with during vigorous movements. This energy saving feature is not a rumor without basis. It is a proven fact. If you don’t believe that it’s more energy efficient, then test one out for yourself. The way to do this is to measure your heart rate for the same amount of work that you are doing. For instance, choose to cycle for a specific distance – 5 km. Under the same riding conditions, measure your average heart rate while wearing normal cycling jerseys. Then wear a .pression jersey and do the run again. .pare the two heart rate readings and see the difference for yourself. Reason 2: More aerodynamic. Good cycling jerseys should give you a slight speed advantage as the materials used are more aerodynamic. If you are cycling, it’s obvious that you don’t want your clothing to act as a sail. That’s going to be counter productive. 2XU jerseys wrap nicely around your body, thus reducing wind resistance and making you go faster when expending the same amount of energy. Reason 3: Reflective strips for safety. The safety aspect must always be considered. When you are riding on the road, it helps if drivers can see you more clearly. Your torso is the most visible area. So it’s sensible to have reflective materials on the jersey so that other road users can spot you. That gives them more time to react and will greatly reduce the chances of accidents. Reason 4: Back pockets for convenience. If you have a few small items to carry around, then you don’t really need a back pack or a haversack. The jersey .es with small pockets at the back. You can use the pockets to store essential items like cash, mobile phone, face towel, etc. Since the pockets are at the back, the bulge will not cause you any problems with the wind. Reason 5: Trusted brand in the cycling .munity. Finally, you should consider wearing 2XU jerseys because this is a trusted brand in the bicycling .munity. The .pany understands the needs of the rider and developed great looking products that are safe and functional to wear. So look out for the 2XU brand the next time you walk into a bicycle store! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: