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Web-Hosting Web hosting is a service that is used by individuals and/or organizations to publish their website using World Wide Web (www). This website is accessed by the concerned users via internet. So internet is an essential element in web hosting. Hosting .panies provide the consumers with space on a server. This space on a server can either be paid or free. Finally, this space is accessible via internet using a specific URL or website name. There are two basic hosting services provided by hosting .panies. The most rudimentary is web page hosting. It is visible in our everyday web browsing when we type a web page name in the address bar of internet explorer or other web browser and gets a web page displayed. This web page may contain information and data related to the .pany or individual we want to access. Other very basic type of hosting is file hosting on a small scale. In this type of hosting, files are uploaded using File Transfer Protocol. These files can be downloaded by the users by accessing the server on which they are placed A very important .ponent in every best web hosting is Server. These servers also called web servers are actually the databases of websites. This means that websites placed on a particular server machine are actually retrieved from those servers when requested. As most of the websites are accessible over the internet round the clock, so it necessitates that a server should always be alive and connected to the internet. So that visitors might be able to access the site whenever and from wherever they like to. Along with being alive and connected to the internet, these servers should also be secured against variety of threats. These threats might be in the form of virus attacks or hacking attempts. Any threat, if successful, can cause damage to the data or might even result in data loss that can cause incalculable loss to the .panies related to those websites. Security of a server attains much more importance due to the fact that a tremendous amount of business transactions and purchases are ac.plished online now-a-days. Web hosting can be free as well as paid. Out of these, free web hosting is an option when dealing with limited services. Free hosting service is provided by many Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) to their internet customers for limited use. Free hosting is also evident over the internet in the form of sharing websites, where users can upload useful data for the use of other related users. Similarly they can also download data that is shared by other users. On the other hand, paid web hosting is more sophisticated service. It is also much more reliable and wider in scope. The idea is to purchase space on a .mercial web server and upload the website on it which is then accessible to the visitors. There are many .mercial hosting .panies in the market today which are ready to provide virtually any kind of hosting service you need. Paid hosting is the option when you need that there should be no .promise on the availability and safety of your web contents. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: