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Sports-and-Recreation Crank bait swimming lures are for shallow and deep water it depends on the size of the lip. They .e in a variety of colors and size, you can fish them either from a boat or the shore or even a float so long as its not in the south like Florida or you may well end up as the bait to a hungry or curious gator. The letter type lures look like fat chubs that wobble through the water as their retrieved. You fish these both slow and fast until you find out which the fish are hitting. The minnow type have different sized lips designed for either shallow or deep water there are a lot of manufactures. A few of the most well known lures are Bomber, Cotton Cordell, Heddon, Rapala, Rebel and Strike King They .e in a variety of colors and sizes some are good for both freshwater and saltwater. They are used by either a fast or slow retrieve and stop and go tactics. They work best when using a snap swivel as this will allow more freedom of movement and helps if you need to change color type just be sure that the snap swivel is not to big. In dirty or murky water bright colors work best, this being said they can also work well in clear water just not as well as darker colors or what ever the actual bait fish look like. Another good hard-bait is tiny torpedo’s by Heddon they will have a small propeller just before its tail hook and as all lures they .e a multitude of colors and sizes. This is a great lure it can be used by reeling in fast or slow, here is a neat tactic for this lure after it hit’s the water do nothing wait till all the ripples have died off then give it a few tiny twitches the results can be an explosive hit. Top water lures or plugs as their often called are fantastic ways to catch fish. There are many types of top water lures available far more then I can list here so I will only list a few and they all .e in different colors. Heddon’s Zara Spook puppy, Zara super spook jr. and Zara spook they also have these for saltwater but I will have that in another article on saltwater lures. The best method for using this lure is is a quick jerk of you rods tip then reel in the slack and repeat you can alter your speeds to help increase its effectiveness. Another good top water lure is Rebel Pop R it casts like a bullet the only thing you need to watch is not to allow to much slack as this popper will sink if you let it. But this is a good lure and will catch plenty of fish, you use it in the same way as the spook. You can also allow it to sink a few feet and reel it in like the spook only very slow you should get strikes with this method. One thing you should never do is give it a hard jerk on your line. I have seen people do this and end up having the lure .e out of the water and either hook themselves or someone else and I have seen many having to climb trees to retrieve their errant lure. Jitterbugs are another good top water lure many of the pros swear by them and sometimes at them. They make a lot of .motion when reeled in either fast or slow. If you want to catch more fish start fishing as the sun goes down. Night fishing is the very best time to catch fish either for freshwater or saltwater. Be sure you bring a good flash light and bug spray, the fish are far more active at this time then they are during the daylight hours. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: