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From the hometown boy lost 27 years of Hubei Chongqing tracing the Mid Autumn Festival, a reunion, family fun day. And this kind of happiness and beauty, for the current boy in Hubei, Jay Jie, has lost 27 years. 27 years ago, young lost from his hometown, 27 years later, his home Volunteer Association began the search path through the baby. Volunteers describe, Jie Jie said he was about five or six years old, because of mistakes, was scolded by his father and ran away from home, and then lost to stray to Hubei. He vaguely remembers that he was a native of Yunyang. He had rivers and oranges, and two names of the white dragon and the nine pier slope. In his memory, he is very likely to be volunteers of Chongqing and Yunyang opened area people, they also according to Fu Jie memories drew the azimuth map and 3D terrain map. Volunteers found Yunyang TV station, Yunyang station issued by mobile phone Fu Jie, tracing the news, and published detailed information and clues, quickly drew people’s attention. "You see, and my eldest son, it must be him, his children can not recognize it?"" The uncle was watching mobile phone photo named Pu Changhuai, his home District Ning Ding Zhao Street opened, and yunyangxian deer Village at the junction of Zhen zhong. After careful search and inquiries, the final tracing range was determined in deer town area of Yunyang county. Yesterday, the deer town Publicity Committee Guo Yun through contact with many community leaders and residents of Yunyang County, found a man in the 27 years before the lost son, he is pregnant with puchang. He said, when the lost is his son, named Pu Chengfu, nickname Po cypress, lost time is only 7 years old. From the information provided by Fu, such as place names, names, lost time, etc., the two sides described the highly consistent. That may have found the lost son, the old Po yesterday evening excited one night did not sleep a wink, today morning arrived in Yunyang County deer Town People’s government. Seeing the photo of the Jie Jie first, Lao Pu thought that this was the lost son Pu Chengfu, and he was moved to tears. "27 years, every day, thinking about where the child went."." When the son lost old Pu has not opened the knot. He also took pictures of his eldest son and compared them with his photos, and the similarity was also very high. So, will Pu Changhuai really be Jay’s real father? At present, the police station of Yunyang County Public Security Bureau Pu Changhuai collected blood samples, will be sent to Hubei public security departments for paternity testing, about half a month later will have the results. We hope this will be a happy, happy ending. (Yunyang Chen Xiaoya) editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the video content for the extended reading Chongqing: three year old boy lost a few days to help police tracing

从家乡走失27年 湖北男孩重庆寻亲 中秋节,一个万家团圆、合家欢乐的日子。而这样的幸福和美好,对于目前身处湖北的男孩付杰来说,已经失去了27年。27年前,年幼的他从家乡走失,27年后,他通过宝贝回家志愿者协会开始了寻亲之路。志愿者介绍,付杰描述说自己五六岁左右,因为犯错被父亲责骂而离家出走,后来就迷了路流浪到湖北。他隐约记得自己是云阳人,家乡有江河,有柑橘,还提供了白龙和九墩坡这两个地名。按照他的记忆,志愿者分析,他很可能就是重庆云阳和开州一带的人,他们还根据付杰的回忆画了方位图和三维地形图。志愿者找到云阳电视台,通过云阳手机台发布了付杰寻亲的消息,并详尽公布了资料和线索,很快就引发了大家的广泛关注。“你看,和我的大儿子好像,一定就是他,自己的孩子还认不出来吗?”正在看手机照片的这位大爷名叫蒲昌怀,他家住开州区赵家街道宁定村,与云阳县养鹿镇中山村交界。经过多方寻找和打听,最终寻亲范围被确定在云阳县养鹿镇一带。昨天,云阳县养鹿镇宣传委员郭芸通过与多位社区干部和居民联系,找到了一位在27年前走丢儿子的男子,他就是蒲昌怀。他说,当年走失的是自己的小儿子,名叫蒲成富,小名蒲柏树,走失的时候只有7岁多。从付杰提供的信息,如地名、人名、走失时间等来看,双方所述有高度吻合。得知走失的儿子可能已经找到,老蒲昨天晚上激动得一晚未合眼,今天一早就赶到了云阳县养鹿镇人民政府。看到付杰照片第一眼起,老蒲就认为这就是走失的儿子蒲成富,激动得流下了眼泪“27年了呀,天天想着这孩子究竟去哪儿了。”当年儿子走丢是老蒲一直未打开的心结。他还带上了大儿子的照片,与付杰的照片进行了比对,相似度也极高。那么,蒲昌怀会不会真的就是付杰的亲生父亲呢?目前云阳县公安局平安派出所民警对蒲昌怀的血样进行了采集,将寄到湖北省公安部门进行亲子鉴定,大约半个月之后会有结果。我们希望这会是一个皆大欢喜、团圆的结局。(云阳台 陈小娅)编者注:本视频与文章内容无关,仅供扩展阅读 重庆:三岁男孩走失数天 民警帮助寻亲相关的主题文章: