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Fujian coastal town of Chongwu: one of the landscape to create tourist towns – Sample Beijing harbour is Chongwu tourism chongwu. Zhang Hanzong photo Beijing, Quanzhou 23 September Xinhua: Fujian coastal town of Chongwu Tourism: creating author Liao Jing Liu Huajie Huang Zuxian Fujian Township sample by Chongwu Chongwu city and fresh Peninsula towering Huian women folk, has attracted numerous tourists from home and abroad for a while to make light of travelling a thousand li. 23, Beijing attracted reporters to visit the famous historical and cultural towns, feel deep Hui female style. Chongwu town, is the focus of the National Health Town, national ecological town, the national ten Town, again in 2015 was named the national civilized village and the characteristic landscape tourism town. Chongwu town Party Secretary Li Anan said that the scope of tourism scenic spots will be extended to the entire peninsula region of Chongwu, striving for the national 5A level scenic spots. In recent years, Chongwu town to the construction of the new urbanization as an opportunity, through overall planning, invest a lot of money to build infrastructure, tourism service strategy. Since last year, completed a number of road construction of Chongwu town, the future will achieve the whole peninsula into the ring road traffic. ?, Jingjiang Haiphong Road Half Moon Bay Beach Road, Xihua Xisha road more than and 10 road extension through reform is being implemented. The road is wide and the landscape is beautiful." ? village fishermen never go to the one or two years of Chiang Kai Shek fishing, he felt the change of the land change rapidly ". In 2014, the Ministry of environmental protection will be the Chongwu town awarded the "national ecological town" title, then in the Ministry of housing and urban development and Reform Commission and other seven ministries announced a new batch of national key town. Chongwu town Xia Village, 40 villagers can only accommodate the homestead and the surrounding complex, Wuhu waste ground, through collective pooling, using the BT mode of financing 67 million yuan, built 3 12-17 layer high-rise, 180 Suites for 180 villagers in. Only last year, the pattern of Chongwu town, transformation of miscellaneous waste land 846 acres, 850 thousand square meters of new housing, urbanization has also been promoted here. The ultimate purpose of the construction of new urbanization, to create a global national 5A level scenic spots, is to build better homes for the masses." Li Anan said that the people’s livelihood in the urbanization at first, constantly optimize the living environment, enhance urban development grade. I believe that in the near future, Chongwu scenery will not only stay in the city, but the radiation to the entire peninsula, "no place can not become the scenery". Since this year, Chongwu town with "Chongwu national Ocean Park" approved as an opportunity to further improve the whole town national 5A level scenic spots of tourism planning, tourism development of Chaozhou music Shuiguan area, Jingjiang east area and south area of Haimen, planning and construction for tour guide system, cultivate the ancient villages of nostalgia to guide the tourists into the city area. In Chongwu tourism blueprint, "Chongwu national Ocean Park" ready. In the planning of Ocean Park, located in the National Center of Chongwu harbor, ended in Shanxia and Zhang ban junction, 19.2 km long coastline, selected area total area of 19.17 square kilometers. Ocean Park is divided into key protected areas, ecological and resource restoration areas and fitness相关的主题文章: