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Home-and-Family Since Thanksgiving is a time for family and fun why not .pile a great list of Thanksgiving games and crafts that you can do together. It is also a great way to help pass the time while waiting for guests to arrive and dinner to begin. Most people have traditions within their own family, such as watching a football game together, but this year why not shake it up a bit by adding games? Who knows, perhaps it will be.e a new Thanksgiving tradition. In addition to the normal American Thanksgiving turkey dinner and football game, what about a game of popcorn relay? Just take several full bowls of popcorn and set them on one side of a room and empty bowls on the other. The teams must use a measuring cup, fill it with popcorn and race to the other side of the room and dump it into the empty bowl and then pass the cup to the next member. The first team to empty the original bowl wins. There are many different things you can do to add some fun to your Thanksgiving celebrations, as there are many different Thanksgiving games and crafts that you and your kids can enjoy. For instance, how about a Mayflower craft that may also inspire some questions about the history of Thanksgiving? Visit amazingmoms../htm/thanksgiving_craft_mayflower.htm to find out how and to assemble the supplies needed. Other Thanksgiving activities could include a pumpkin race; this is best done outside or in a garage, but it can be done inside if necessary. You will need two large pumpkins and two good heavy sticks; place the teams in two lines and place the pumpkins on their sides. The racers will then use the sticks to try to roll their pumpkins over the finish line. Young children may need to use their hands instead, but either way lots of fun will be had by all. For a game the whole family can enjoy, have everyone sit in a circle and have the first person start out by saying something they would like for the Thanksgiving meal, such as "I like to eat turkey" and the next person repeats what they said and then adds their own favorite food. It continues around with everyone repeating and adding, until someone can do it perfectly. If someone misses though, then they are out of the circle. Why not try a new version of a popular party game, instead of pin the tail on the donkey, try pin the snood, or the feather, on the turkey when you are thinking of different Thanksgiving games to play. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: