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Humor You are probably a member of an online social utility networking sites and must have gotten a funny message alerts. It is not a surprise because it is so rampant nowadays to see these things getting into your inbox whenever you open your social network sites. Your online social utility sites are used to connect and .municate with classmates, friends, coworkers and people around you. There is no better place to send in your funny massage alerts. You can use sms text messages or instant messaging on your social network sites. In the old days you have to basically send it through the traditional slow as snail mail via the post office and hand deliver to your house. And with the ever changing advancement in internet technology, you can easily send those emails and instant message alerts in their inbox. With the advent of the online social utility sites, you can have it easily send to your network of friends and classmates. It is so amazing how you can do these things in an instant. These online social networking sites are perfect places where you can keep in touch with your classmates and people around you. And instant sms messages that are being send to your inbox are really cool especially with the twenty first generations. Funny message alerts can always get you guessing and thinking what is it. The suspense can really make your day. Surprises are very good for humor and fun especially if you are feeling a little bit lethargic. These fun and humorous alerts are not only from sms or text messaging but some are in the form of videos and pictures uploaded for you to see. Can you imagine seeing something like a horrible joke in the opening title, then only to find a tender and smiling kitten? That can really raise your blood pressure or your adrenalin. And jokes are good for a healthy living. Having fun and jokes with your online classmates, friends, coworkers, and the people around you can really make your day. Can you imagine if you are chatting online and suddenly you have a message alerts and when you open it are a deafening ringtones? Whew, that will really get you either mad or laughing to your ears. Ringtones, test messages, sms funny ecards, rude pictures or videos can be one of your funny message alerts. Regardless of what type or form they .e into you inbox, they will definitely give you a better feeling. The only time you will be unhappy is when there is something personal and bad news from family and relatives. The most frequently use platform or type of website to get these funny message alerts are through online social utility .working sites. Because these are the sites where you can easily upload pictures and videos and send alerts to your .work of friends, people, classmates and coworkers. Even online chats and forums on social .works are sometimes a good venue to send your jokes and humorous stuffs. About the Author: Did you ever read one particular sales letters published by top marketers on the ., and immediately feel envious of the success? Do you ever wonder why the Big League web marketers have that Copywriting Voodoo Magic… however, your website is very much cursed? Tags: 相关的主题文章: