Gansu Dingxi rampant illegal sand mining enterprises to channel new network – sand cleaning project rainism

Gansu Dingxi rampant illegal sand mining enterprises to river clean-up projects under the banner of sand mining – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Dingxi on November 23rd news (reporter Wu Hua He Weitong China?) according to the voice of "news" reported that the sand layer is for riverbed, maintaining the stability of river and river embankment, safety. Illegal sand mining, not only destroy the river, polluted river water, but also to the surrounding people’s production and life bring security risks. In early 2014, Gansu city of Dingxi Province announced the undocumented mining enterprise "without all the conditions to be shut down to rectify". However, over the past two years, the reporter recently discovered in Dingxi city survey interview, many mining enterprises are still operating without a license, steal pick rebound phenomenon, and in part of Anding District counties, illegal sand mining is rampant. In the afternoon of November 18th, Guan Ying Zhen Xian Feng Cun a Sunaba in Xinzhuang Gate River sand excavation of river sand resources are becoming less and less, a lot of quarry to farmers land sand excavation; even under the banner of sand river clean-up project, from the regulatory authorities. The western edge of the Loess Plateau, Dingxi, Gansu. Here, sand and river, sand and land, the sand field and the villagers nearly ten years of the game theme. Stability in the region Guan Ying Zhen Xian Feng Cun, dredging, cement revetment repair was very low in Anding District of Dingxi City Guan Ying Zhen Xian Feng Cun, a total of five Sunaba entrenched. Near Xinzhuang door agency, the villagers Su Chunhui hit a van, smashed the window. Not far away, Rio Tinto Wang Yan sand field of a red sand truck, was forced to stop the villagers. Villagers Su Chunhui told reporters: "every one, a total of 24 people, two people on the outside, was driving down 22 cars, a car has been parked, so." Wang Yan sand field is mainly to provide raw materials for Rio Tinto concrete plant. Sand field and the villagers, sharing a soil road next to the farm, in order to facilitate transportation, the sand field to widen the road, occupy farmland space. Su Dong villagers complained: "often night noise production, very large, listen to sleep on the brush, like the sound of rain, don’t stop it." Wang Yan sand field past the main source of sand from the river, the river section of Xianfeng, erected a striking blue card for that project, "river regulation project", which can protect 1000 acres of farmland, 831 people affected by the floods, the execution of the project by Rio Tinto concrete company, completed in March last year. Stability in the region Guan Ying Zhen Xian Feng Cun, Wang Yan Sunaba vehicle was the villagers blocked the reporter on the scene saw the river river Renhua Temple section has been cracking, uneven, everywhere waste accumulation mound, cement slope only ratio of river silt up more than one meter. The villagers Su Dong said, the river dredging sand field five or six meters deep, but the slope repair is short and short, is not anti flood. "He is a name for this project, sand is to repair a few hundred meters, less than one kilometer, the actual channel is two miles (repair) less than half." Reporters in the business community identity to Anding District Water Authority water administration and water resources department to verify, Yuan chief said Wang Yan Sunaba undocumented mining, water authority did not get permission, "Wang Yan reported to the project, Water Affairs Bureau and the development and Reform Commission approved, he is self financing, to engage in protection as an excuse to dig the river.相关的主题文章: