Ganzhou Zhanggong District a site excavated fossilized dinosaur eggs; have been shipped to

Ganzhou Zhanggong District   a site excavated fossilized dinosaur eggs; have been shipped to professional institutions for further identification of Jiangxi channel in October 9th, is located in Shahe Zhen He tou Cun, Zhanggong district a site, the construction personnel in the operation of dig a nest of dinosaur eggs. Currently, these dinosaur egg fossils have been transported to the professional body for further identification. We have a site to dig a lot of dinosaur egg fossils, experts have come to the scene to see." In October 9th, the reporter received a public call, is located in the town of Shahe Zhanggong District White River village before a site, dug a lot of dinosaur egg fossils. When reporters arrived at the scene, I saw the construction workers are ready to dinosaur egg fossils on a pickup truck, intends to transport to professional institutions, experts to further identify. According to the Shahe Zhen He tou Cun Cun Wei Zhanggong district will be a staff, 323 State Road to Luokeng Road, recently being built bike track, 9 at around 11, the construction personnel on the road, when the excavator digging into the ground about 4 meters deep, indistinct shows a circular fossil, construction personnel stop digging and protect the site, and report the construction team leader. Day around 15, the relevant departments of the staff came to the scene to see, confirm the construction site excavated dinosaur egg fossils. Reporters learned that access to information, 70 million years ago, in Ganxian, Nankang, Zhanggong district area of about 1400 square kilometers of the Ganzhou basin is a lake area, suitable for reptile reproduction of life. The red strata of the Ganzhou basin are Cretaceous strata 120 million years ago, and the formation of a large number of reptiles, such as turtles, crocodiles, dinosaurs, etc.. In the 60s of last century, Ganzhou has unearthed dinosaur egg fossils in the Chinese natural history museum on the collection of dinosaur fossils unearthed in the Ganzhou basin. (reporter Liao Guanghui Lai Tianran) (Qiu Ye, Shuai Jun: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: