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Garmin released wearable wearable devices for a year of life, Garmin recently released many new products, such as vivoactive  HR  GPS smart watches and vivofit  3 smart wristbands. These two devices have a lot of tracking personal fitness characteristics, vivofit  3 wristband battery endurance even for a whole year. Vivoactive  HR smart watch is a suitable for daily wear of the equipment, it has a smart watch should have all the functions, such as a large number of applications with small plug-in support, customizable watches face design.   vivofit  3 wristband, this smart watch can record the user’s walking steps a day, testing the user’s sleep activity, monitoring the user’s heart rate, to help track the user’s running, riding or swimming in the body of the burning status of the calories. Vivofit  3 intelligent wristband with Garmin Move  IQ software function, which will track the user’s fitness activities, including underwater activities within 50 meters. The straps of the wristband can be changed by users according to their own preferences. In addition, some automatic activity detection and strength time detection characteristics have also been added to this device. Vivofit  3 wristbands and ví voactive  HR smart watches; ví voactive  HR smart watches, compared with their previous products, add a lot of amazing features and features, such as wrist wrist heart rate monitoring and barometric altimeter function. This device can help users collect more basic data related to daily activities and fitness."   Garmin  general manager of Australasia; Matt  DeMoss says. "Our latest version of vivofit  3, once again showing its difference, is still in the leading position in fitness tracking products. Key features include one year endurance, water proof and Move  IQ. All of these will help the user to have a healthier life." Vivoactive  HR smart watch will be on sale in Australia in April, the price will be 399 Australian dollars, and then the product will also be on sale in the uk. Vivofit  3 Smart wristbands will be sold in Australia from March to April at a price of 169 Australian dollars, with a regular or larger wristband. The product will also be sold in the UK after that. Garmin发布可续航一年的可穿戴健身设备   Garmin最近发布了许多款新产品,例如vivoactive HR GPS智能手表与vivofit 3智能腕带。这两款设备都拥有许多追踪个人健身的特性,vivofit 3腕带的电池续航能力甚至达到了整整一年。vivoactive HR智能手表是一款适合每日穿戴的设备,它具备一款智能手表所应该有的所有功能,例如大量的应用与小插件支持、可自定义的手表面盘设计等。  vivofit 3腕带   这款智能手表可以记录用户一天以来的步行步数,检测用户的睡眠活动,监控用户的心率,帮助追踪用户跑步、骑车或游泳时体内的卡路里燃烧状况。   vivofit 3智能腕带具有Garmin的Move IQ软件功能,这将追踪用户的健身活动,包括水下50米以内的活动。这款腕带的带子可供用户根据自身喜好进行更换,此外一些自动活动检测与强度时间检测的特性也被添加至这款设备。 vivofit 3腕带与vívoactive HR智能手表   “vívoactive HR智能手表与其先前的产品相比新增了诸多令人惊叹的功能与特性,例如新增了手腕部心率监测与气压测高功能。这款设备可以帮助用户收集更多的每日活动与健身相关的基础数据。” Garmin Australasia的总经理Matt DeMoss如是说。   “我们最新版本的vivofit 3再一次地显示出其与众不同之处,依旧在健身追踪产品中位于领先地位。关键的特性包括为期一年的续航时长、防水以及Move IQ。这些都将帮助用户拥有一个更为健康的生活。”   vivoactive HR智能手表将于4月在澳大利亚开售,售价将为399澳元,随后该款产品也将在英国开售。vivofit 3智能腕带则将于三月至四月期间以169澳元的价格在澳大利亚开售,附送一条常规或加大号的腕带。该款产品在之后也将销售于英国。相关的主题文章: