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Womens-Issues Gynecology is not just the science of the reproductive organs and pregnancy. It also includes all other aspects like diseases related to pregnancy, formation of tumors in women, and pre and post pregnancy conditions. So during times of pregnancy you should seek the advice of both gynecologists and oncologists. The reason for this is the growing instances of breast cancer in women and its effect on pregnancy. The case is especially serious in the US, with more and more women being diagnosed with breast cancer in their reproductive ages. When seeking gynecology and oncology services from hospitals and clinics, you have to put some time to research about their credentials. There are many such treatment centers in New York. You can easily browse through the internet to find out about any NYC Gynecologist or NYC Breast Cancer treatment center. Avail of the service only if you are satisfied with your findings, because these fields of knowledge are still undergoing a lot of research, and keeping abreast of the most recent updates is the requirement to be on the safer side. You can get all information from your NYC Gynecologist regarding how to prepare your body during your pregnancy, the diet and exercises that you have to follow, and other dos and donts related to your condition. In case there seems to be some tumor or malignant growth in your body, the gynecologist will naturally forward you to an oncologist or an NYC Breast Cancer treatment center. With the .bined diagnosis of these specialists, you can move forward with decisions about whether or not to have your delivery done. Growing numbers of women are .ing up with doubts as to whether it is safe to be pregnant during or after .pletion of breast cancer treatment. Women are generally afraid to be.e pregnant after a bout of breast cancer for fear of recurrence. But there are many women who have in fact had successful deliveries after cancer treatment and are leading happy and healthy lives. Since research is still going on about the connection between pregnancy and its related diseases, the NYC Gynecologist might not be able to give a last word. The decision can only be subjective in most cases. The oncologists usually prescribe a two years waiting period after breast cancer treatment to see if there are any chances of recurrence. Otherwise, you can very well go on with your pregnancy, as the relation between these two conditions is still in debate. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: