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Girlfriend too, should not break up? Sohu Xiaochu @ Chu old wet, wet in a very old love for girlfriend, born with acting ruthless shameless, unreasonable what method? Can alleviate her this kind of symptom "tiger Amur Chu Xiaochu: in fact, the love of the IQ is zero, not only is the person, your animal kingdom is also like this? Tiger Amur (Amr): Yes, we are the last Russian zoo moved the global tiger and goat CP, the zoo in order to shoot more interactive scene I have also installed several cameras, and set up a fan page for us. But we have failed to live up to our expectations, and now we have officially broken up after the execution of the goat! Once I lost myself and fell in love with a goat Timur (Tamerlane) Oh, oh well! "I go to where it goes, this life will follow me." "you are the wind I am sand, although I am a tiger it is sheep.." But in my heart: the wife is a tiger, I love a few times the sheep model is often "it sleeps inside, I slept with the hard roof" goat butted me, I don’t care it and avoid sometimes I’m tired.. it was stable when sleeping ran to my top. I wake up… Began to play with it because of how much time is actually in general but never touched his sheep Timur I filled with sincerity (Tamerlane) is completely indifferent…… Because I have the king of the forest of overbearing president’s favor and connivance.. The goat playfully two months actually gained 40 pounds.. She put her as the queen later, on one of my afternoon nap again by the fatso Timur (Tamerlane) top flight after….. I really unbearable outbreak hit dead fat Timur (Timur) and used the goat Timur, did not think I would hit it from rolling down the slope after the capital of the ignorant and sad at this time forced zoo staff had rushed over and tried to mediate, and put the dead fat man rescued… Has now been received special treatment. The cage… But it is still a face like a spoiled… Actually… I know this fatso, although on the surface this: but the heart actually that we under the eye: this lasted only two months A truth feelings tell us: love to know somehow, "" to just the right degree to do what, don’t go hang from the Southeast branch. Chu Xiaochu saw this is unable to Tucao even the tiger and the goats and the dog food, I just want to say: we like a single dog will not be so much trouble! Shuang die… Do not know the tiger Amur (Amr) will not starve to death for love to give up meat, rather than away a goat Timur (Timur) did not put the dead fat swallow does not know the goat Ti~相关的主题文章: