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Success The idea of setting a goal is most common to anyone who wants to achieve. The goal must be clear, concise, and congruent with the desired result. Without a goal people are left wondering about aimlessly being busy but not attaining anything significant. In sports the basketball goal is round and easily seen. In football the goal line is set and marked so that the players know what direction to move. The reason many entrepreneurs struggle is because they dont understand the goal setting theory. The reason so many people love sporting events is because they like to watch the theory become reality. Every team involved in a game plans on achieving the goal more often than the competition but the reality only comes as the final buzzer sounds or the play clock reaches its end. The same holds true in business or personal life goal setting theory only becomes reality when a limit is set. That limit might be time, as it is in sports, or it might be numeric as it is in finance. The goal keeps the players focused and motivated toward an end. Goal setting theory is necessary to make achievement a reality. Otherwise, life is an endless activity of effort for no reason. To make the goal setting theory a reality three key components must be present. The goal must be attainable, measurable, and trackable. If the goal is not attainable it will frustrate all effort to reach it. An example is setting a goal to lose fifty pounds in six weeks. That works out to a little over eight pounds a week. Broken down further thats over a pound a day. To be attainable a lot of exercise and a strict diet is necessary. For someone who is highly motivated, understands nutrition, and completely committed that goal might be attainable but for most people it is out of reach. That is why many start strong but give up half way toward that goal. Professional sport teams want winning seasons because it generates a huge profit. They have recognized the need for the talent (the players) to have outside help (coaches). Profitable businesses hire outside help to evaluate the market, their competition, and economic climate. Consultants specializing in these areas are highly sought after and paid well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: