Google pixel XL confirmed to be equipped with Android 7.1 dual lens or canceled (video)

Google Pixel equipped with Android XL 7.1 dual lens confirmation or cancellation of Tencent digital news (blue) Google Pixel series of new machines recently frequent exposure, after the front panel spy photos leaked two new machines on the network, equipped with a 5.5 inches touch screen Google Pixel XL appeared again in the famous running platform of Geekbench database, and confirmation will be equipped with Android 7.1 system and with 4GB of memory load Xiaolong 821 processor. At the same time, due to upload the data to run the name of the new Google machine has changed to Google Pixel, so it should be released before the release of the official version of the configuration will not happen too much change. Run and then exposed in fact, Google Pixel HTC foundry had already had several run of exposure, including Bunny and Geekbench have released relevant information, but the name is displayed at the time of the mobile phone codenamed Marlin. And this appears in the Geekbench database information has been changed to Google Pixel, so no accident, should be close to the official version of the model, and the model name changes, this also means that Google is the "son" will be named Pixel. In addition, despite the emergence of Geekbench database models for the Google Pixel, but because the motherboard codenamed "Marlin", so it should be equipped with 5.5 inches touch screen Google Pixel XL, will not only have 4GB memory capacity, but also confirmed that it will be equipped with Android7.1 system, according to said it would bring a lot of major updates, including Google assistant and Daydream VR support etc.. Equipped with 821 Xiaolong it is worth mentioning that, despite the exposure of the information display Google Pixel XL equipped with a quad core processor is 1.59GHz, it seems to be a snapdragon 820 processor, but the processor step (Stepping) with all current Xiaolong listed 820 is not the same, so it should be equipped with Xiaolong 821 processor, which previously came the Google Pixel series will be the first ones Xiaolong 821 models of the argument. As for the other main configuration of the machine, according to the bunny previously published information display, storage combination the machine will have 4GB RAM+32GB ROM, with 5.5 inches touch screen will support 2K resolution, and is equipped with 8 million pixel front camera and a 13 million pixel camera, and the battery capacity is 3450mAh. In addition, according to foreign media Android Police previously reported that Google Pixel XL will also use the AMOLED panel, will provide 32GB and 128GB two storage capacity, but will cancel the 64GB capacity version. And without the need to pay attention to is the lens version, the media exposure of the opening of the Google Pxiel series water set back according to speculated that the opportunity to have a twin lens version of the launch, but soon to be well-known person broke @upleaks has denied. At the same time the suspected double mirror.相关的主题文章: