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GREE and other five companies were hundreds of research institutions of cattle scattered lurking ahead of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you my WIND data show you, August 18th to Monday, a total of 616 companies by the research institutions, the Department of Wahson, GREE, Songcheng performing Arts GoerTek shares, Chinese online and other 5 companies were 197, 157, 149, 140, 120 group research institutions. Among them, a lot of Companies in emerging industries and restructuring are also favored institutions, including restructuring companies NavInfo, Unistrong early in the two quarter was cattle scattered lurking. Emerging industries by emerging industries favored by the national policy support, represents the future direction of economic restructuring, has sustained and concerned agencies, EPI precision, Yung based software, GoerTek shares, sudawei luxshare, has recently been institutions intensive visit. From the beginning of August to Monday, rose more than 35% of the precise, in August 19 to September 7 during the day, four consecutive times by 85 research institutions, this year there were no research institutions, what causes institutions interested in the company? From the main business, the company’s products for intelligent mobile phone series connector, shield, slide, shaft, metal structure parts (appearance). In today’s rapid development of intelligent mobile phone, EPI precision belongs to the growth of the industry and no ground for blame. It is reported that the world’s top ten brands of mobile communications are the company’s customers in the first half of the market comparison of several products such as fire R9, vivo, X7, millet,, HUAWEI glory V8, Le 2max companies are involved. The company’s performance growth is also good, from the 1 quarter of 2015 to the first half of 2016, the company’s net profit growth of more than 50%. The company expects 1-9 net profit rose 40%~60%, profit 450 million 625 thousand and 700 yuan ~51500.08 million (profit of $321 million 875 thousand and 500 over the same period last year). In addition, the company also began to get involved in the electric vehicle charging gun, charging pile and cable and other products, and extends in intelligent wearable, intelligent Home Furnishing, UAV, connectors, cable assemblies and other products, and actively layout, integrated, intelligent robot automation equipment and other aspects of business. Another emerging industry Yung based software company was 105 home phone survey in June 23rd, August 19th once again received 39 research institutions. The progress of reason for concern is the mechanism of networking company’s business, the company holding 71% of the star Rongji has Fujian Province, networking and public service platform only franchise, which means that Fujian Province as long as related to the networking business of government finance, the data access needs of this platform, unique platform. However, in the first half of this year, net profit fell 17.76%. In this regard, the company said the company where the industry has a more obvious seasonal, three quarterly data will be reversed, is expected to 1-9 net profit margin for the year rose to -25% to 25%, and 2016 will be a turning point in performance. Institutional theory after investigation相关的主题文章: