GREE is betting heavily diversified deposit worry cross-border

GREE is betting heavily in cross-border cars diversified transformation deposit worry heavily betting on cross-border cars GREE diversified transformation deposit worry Liu Junjing from March 6th GREE (000651.SZ) announced the suspension announcement that the proposed acquisition of GREE planning to issue shares in Zhuhai silver long new energy Co., Ltd., August 23rd GREE bursts 35 announcement to disclose the purchase details and said that the purchase price of 13 billion yuan silver long new energy 100% stake, Dong Mingzhu took the helm of the GREE electric appliance industry has become a symbol of a car. Ten years ago, domestic appliances enterprises have set off a wave of "war" movement with vigour and vitality, but the outcome is not so good, most of the cross-border in just three years after they have failed. After ten years, household electrical appliance enterprises upsurge of cars again, the reason is that the new energy vehicles cross the historical opportunity. After SKYWORTH founder Huang Hongsheng’s second business focus in the field of new energy cars — Nanjing Jinlong has a space for one person in the field of new energy buses; with the appliance industry background Chunlan also entered the field repairer, the center of gravity is still new energy vehicles. The logic behind this craze is not difficult to understand. In the current market environment, the field of home appliances market space has become more limited, the ceiling now. How to transfer the manufacturing capacity of the household electrical appliance manufacturing industry and the advantages and disadvantages of research and extension to the expansion of new energy vehicles may be one of the best choices. At present, China has become the world’s largest new energy market. According to the China Automobile Industry Association statistics, in the first half of this year, China’s new energy automobile production and sales reached 177 thousand and 170 thousand, an increase of respectively, and 126.9%, respectively, an increase of 125%. High growth trend and space, but also makes LETV, Chunlan, GREE and other outsiders have different forms to enter the field of new energy vehicles. As a listed company, GREE electric cars on the road from mergers and acquisitions, issuance is inevitably accompanied by. The evening of August 18th, GREE electric announced the acquisition of silver dragon, the issuance of shares and other series of information, said it would issue shares in the acquisition of 100% stake in New Energy Company Zhuhai silver long proposal, the transaction price of $13 billion. After the completion of the acquisition, silver long new energy will become a wholly owned subsidiary of GREE electronics. In order to demonstrate confidence and respond to questions from shareholders, in addition to the original scheme, while the issuance of 10 billion yuan GREE supporting the financing, GREE CEO Dong Mingzhu through its own funds of nearly 1 billion yuan in the issuance of. But the outside world for this up to 13 billion yuan, expensive acquisition evaluation is different. The evening of August 25th, the three level trading scheme, this merger involves counterparties and the subject of the transaction, the Shenzhen stock exchange to GREE Board issued "on the Zhuhai GREE electric Limited by Share Ltd restructuring letter of inquiry", GREE electrical appliances and make a written explanation, and the reply before September 1st. As for the cash flow is extremely abundant in GREE, the choice of large-scale private placement to expand the company’s share capital movements are also considered diluted existing shareholders’ interests, so that the outside world questioned constantly. Dong Mingzhu but disagree, she is more emphasis on silver long theory相关的主题文章: