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UnCategorized Without a doubt, Green Day album songs will forever be special parts of music history. This band’s musical creations have be.e the dominant tune in the lives of punk rock enthusiasts. This is despite the accusation that this group sold punk as opposed to just playing it for its sake. The band reached the peak of popularity in the 90s. Their roots however go back to 1987, when the first two band members, Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt were still in their teens and playing for a band called Sweet Children. Sean Hughes and Al Sobrante later became part of the group. When the band signed up with Lookout! Records in 1989, they dropped their old name and changed it to their current one. It has been suggested that the group’s current moniker is a reference to the band members’ soft spot for marijuana. The group was initially able to churn out an LP and a couple of EPs with their small label. It wasn’t until 1994 that the band saw mainstream success with the release of their first album, Dookie, under their new label Reprise Records. Despite being the band’s first, the album became certified diamond and was honored in the 1995 Grammy Awards as the Best Alternative Album. On the same year they got a nod from the Grammys, Insomniac was released. Of all the Green Day albums this is perhaps the heaviest. This is probably why it did not reach the same status as the first release. Nonetheless, this second release earned from the group a slew of nominations and hundreds of thousands in album sales. In 1997, the band followed up with Nimrod, an album that marked a slight shift in the band’s signature sound. The band incorporated a mix of pop and ska among other influences. Despite the risk of venturing into new territory though, the album still peaked at number 10 in the charts. Following Nimrod in 2000 was Warning. This is possibly the group’s least successful work. Unlike its predecessors, it was only certified gold. The following year, the work was named Outstanding Album in the California Music Awards. The dip in sales however, was interpreted by many as the start of the band’s gradual fall from stardom. In 2004, the band proved critics wrong with American Idiot. It became the group’s first album to top the Billboard and was named the Best Rock Album in the 2005 Grammy Awards. The group took home six more awards that year. The band’s most recent release is the chart topping 21st Century Breakdown in 2009. By this time, the members seemed to have recovered their old appeal as the album took platinum status. It’s obvious from all angles that punk rock would not have been so widely accepted if it were not for Green Day album songs. This is despite the fact that they have managed to rake in their fair share of rotten tomatoes. They were once accused of selling out. Other popular bands have also ridiculed what they consider to be the band’s falsely orchestrated punk image. Regardless of these negative inputs however, there is no changing the fact that this group has at least earned its right in the annals of .mercial music history with millions in album sales. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: