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Hangzhou will West Lake to lend to the world,   look stunning world – tourism Channel original title: Hangzhou will West Lake to the world, the world is looking forward to stunning hazy moon, lights dim. In August 31st, the last day of the opening closed management area in Hangzhou of West Lake, Hangzhou to work for two years in Wenzhou girl warm around the Su Lin go slow. With the deep love of West Lake to a brief farewell, she looked forward to this piece of water during the G20 summit in Hangzhou". With the gradual entry of G20 time, West Lake closed management area will be 0 to September 6th at 24 on September 1st to stop opening to the outside world. And came to bid farewell to the people of Hangzhou and West Lake affectionate embrace, with pride to West Lake to lend to the world". West Lake and the world to meet the beautiful, Hangzhou people’s expectations. "Yan value upgrade, everywhere dressed in West Lake and the world is waiting for the" date". The evening of August 31st, thousands of lanterns, Nanshan Road Lamp around the trees on the LED lamp lights at the same time, such as the stars; after the transformation of West Lake music fountain, flowing China classical music and international pop music, rhyme and highlight the international range of children". Security checkpoints in West Lake scenic spot, after work, they came to see West Lake’s last side of the Ningbo guy Wang Yueding, are patiently lined up to accept security. Because I love this lake, after graduating from University, Wang chose to live in Hangzhou. Today, walking every night in West Lake, has become his habit. Wang Yueding said that since 2002, Hangzhou implementation of the "free West Lake", West Lake Lake Park opened up across the board, no fences, no tickets, everyone can enjoy the beauty of West Lake become public products. This has to say is a kind of wisdom, so that West Lake can be a more open attitude to meet the eight party tourists. "Now, the ‘West Lake to the world’, is also an open attitude of Hangzhou, this’ small separation ‘I am very proud of." Wang Yueding said. Hangzhou citizens Zhang Liang told reporters that the people of Hangzhou, tourists are enthusiastic support in the city, showing the international city fan. During the period of G20, West Lake is a long cultural bearing the name of the lake, will become the most beautiful "reception hall", welcome more guests from all over the world. Walking in the night of West Lake scenery intoxicated, Lin warm sigh, "West Lake is becoming more and more beautiful, I have the honor to become a witness, proud, believe it again we showed in front of West Lake, will be more beautiful." (reporter Li Jia Lin Bo (?): Feng Yatao, even pure commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: