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Has not been pregnant? Usually these check as early as possible! – what are the prerequisites for maternal and child pregnancy? Normal sexual life, such as male impotence or female congenital absence of the vagina, it is impossible to have a normal sex life. Both men and women have normal sexual life, and do not take any contraceptive measures. Reminder: the probability of pregnancy during ovulation is the largest oh. Qualified sperm normal semen was milky, discharged quickly becomes viscous jelly semi fluid, 5 ~ 30 minutes and then into a liquid, each row of 2 ~ 5m1 per milliliter of semen in the sperm containing 0.6 ~ 200 million. The majority of male infertility caused by poor sperm quality, low activity, non liquefaction, etc.. Mature follicles have mature follicles, indicating that the woman has the conditions of pregnancy. Under normal circumstances, the normal follicle in 20mm or more mature, one to two days of time will be discharged, and the discharge of the follicle can generally survive for 2 days. Most of the women in infertility due to tubal blockage, adhesions lead to ovulation, resulting in infertility. No pelvic adhesion fallopian tube umbrella end capable of picking eggs, the eggs can easily enter the fallopian tube; fallopian tube unobstructed, the sperm and egg can meet in the tube fertilization; fertilized eggs into the uterine cavity, and can grow to in endometrium. The sperm egg can meet with the sperm and egg to meet in the belly of the pot, and the sperm have the ability to get into the egg and synthesize the fertilized egg. Fertilized eggs must be able to enter the uterine cavity through the fallopian tube, and can be planted in the endometrium. Good uterine environment intrauterine environment for implantation of fertilized eggs and fertilized eggs continue to grow, in endometrial implantation, the uterus can be suitable for the condition of embryo growth and development, until the end of pregnancy. Understand the situation of pregnancy, then not pregnant, what are the circumstances to pay attention to it? Tubal infertility fallopian tube has the important role of transporting sperm, picking up eggs and transporting the fertilized eggs to the uterine cavity. Ovarian infertility if there is a problem with the ovarian eggs can not be normal ovulation, resulting in female infertility. Ovarian infertility can be caused by many factors: such as premature ovarian failure, polycystic ovary syndrome, chocolate cyst, ovulation disorder etc.. The establishment of normal ovulation cycle of endocrine infertility needs normal function of hypothalamus pituitary ovary axis. Immune infertility infertility accounted for about 10-30% of infertility patients, including anti sperm antibodies, anti endometrial antibodies, anti egg antibodies, and other types of immune infertility. The most commonly seen in clinic is the immune infertility caused by anti sperm antibody production. Semen abnormal semen abnormalities were divided into abnormal semen and sperm abnormality in two categories, the former refers to the amount of semen, abnormal color matter abnormalities, the latter refers to the number of sperm quantity, quality, abnormal deformity. Life is a great and hard work, bless each pregnant mother can be pregnant, enjoy.相关的主题文章: