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Aqua Logic Pool Controls Revolutionizing Pool Cleaning And Maintenance With Hayward Automatic Pool Cleaners Posted By: Shamoil Karachiwala Hayward automatic pool cleaners have revolutionized pool cleaning and maintenance and offered pool users lot of convenience. While owing a swimming pool can be a matter of pride, maintaining it can be quite overwhelming. However, you can take a plunge into your pool and that too without having to worry about the possible health risks, if you install an automatic pool cleaner in your swimming pool, which can keep your pool sparkling clean. These days AND rsquo; automatic pool cleaners are offered by different brands like Hayward, Pentair, Intex and more and are available for all types of pools and budget. This type of pool cleaner is indeed one of the most efficient pools cleaning equipment a pool owner can invest in. Since, indulging in manual cleaning of a swimming pool can be testing and time-consuming, it becomes essential to install a high quality automatic pool cleaner that allows you to spend less time maintaining your swimming pool, and more time relaxing and enjoying your pool. Hayward automatic pool cleaner is the perfect solution for all your swimming pool problems. Hayward pool cleaners are available for both in-ground as well as above ground pools.

swimming pool Cartridge Pool Filters-ensuring Easy Pool Installation Posted By: Shamoil Karachiwala These days pool owners cannot do without a pool filter. To keep pools clean and well maintained, pool owners are installing cartridge pool filters in their swimming pools. In fact, these filters have become preferred choice of pool owners as they have successfully overcome the drawbacks of traditional filters. Leading brands like Astral, Hayward and Doughboy have introduced these filters as an initiation towards keeping the pool clean. Installations of these pool filters ensure that nothing remains suspended in the water since the minutest of impurities are trapped by cartridge filtering medium. Cartridge filters are very easy to install in ponds and could be done without any hassles. Due to the small size of these filters, these filters are easily portable and could therefore be easily installed. All one needs to do is, build some concrete slabs on the walls of pool. Such filters are largely sold online by many reputed online dealers. All you need to do is place online orders so as to avail great deals and great discounts. Purchasing online, you can be rest assured about the quality as well as the price of the cartridge filters.

cartridge pool filters Pool Products To Make Your Swimming Pool Better Posted By: VanLaningham1 When we talk about pool products, pool covers, vacuums, brushes, heaters, chemicals and pumps are some of the basic materials that one needs to buy. However, it depends on where you live, how much you use your pool and the kind of swimming pool you are constructing that determines the products required. Here are some pool essentials that you can buy: Pool Chemicals You must buy pool chemicals to maintain the hygienic condition of the water in the swimming pool. These chemicals kill the impurities like algae and organic compounds thus preventing the spread of bacteria in water and giving a crystal clear look to the swimming pool. Some of the main chemicals available in the market include chlorine, algaecide and pH balancing agent. It is important that you keep the pool water clean and balanced so that the swimmers don’t face health problems. Pool Maintenance Equipment Pool maintenance equipment is the most important thing that you will buy for the upkeep of your swimming pool. These pool products include a brush, leaf skimmer, vacuum and other necessary things for maintaining the cleanliness of the pool and surrounding area.

pool products In Ground Pool Cleaners Posted By: JamesC In ground pool cleaners are automated vacuum cleaners that clean debris, dirt and other sediment from in ground pools. Background Swimming pool vacuum cleaners were invented in South Africa by Ferdinand Chauvier. In 1974, Chauvier designed and built the Kreepy Krauly, the first ever automated pool cleaner. Now in ground pool cleaners are made by many different manufacturers and are used all around the world for swimming pool maintenance. In fact, since these automated cleaners make pool maintenance so much faster, easier and more convenient, their popularity is continuously on the rise. The purpose of both in ground and above ground pool cleaners is to effectively and conveniently remove dirt and debris from swimming pools. While some in ground and above ground pool cleaners are only designed to clean pool bottoms, others will also clean walls and steps. Additionally, there are different varieties of in ground pool cleaners available for different types of pools. For example, some in ground pool cleaners are specifically designed to clean concrete pools while others are designed to clean tile, vinyl and fiberglass swimming pools. By removing sediment and debris from swimming pools, pool cleaners promote pool health and safety.

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