Hong Kong media the mainland funds into Hongkong buy hedge or push up housing prices in Hongkong (vi midd-885

Hong Kong media: the mainland funds into Hongkong buy hedge or push up housing prices in Hongkong Ma Hainan 1 billion 100 million yuan the highest price record breaking Hongkong mansion exposure picture: Hongkong Sha Tin Area Residential District Xinhua News Agency reporter photographed Hong Kong media said the renminbi since joining the International Monetary Fund (SDR) special drawing right in the currency basket since the renminbi depreciating trend coupled with the mainland; more than and 20 city, launched the market regulation policy, more and more people from the mainland to Hongkong property value, is expected to push up the property market in Hongkong. According to Hongkong’s "Economic Daily" reported on October 20th, according to Bloomberg News quoted the Hongkong tax bureau data show that last month, non permanent residents of Hongkong buyers total 250 transactions rose to 14 month high, compared to the 6 to September average 36% higher than in September; non permanent residents of Hongkong buyers stamp duty to pay high HK $506 million, over the past 4 months average 26% higher. The Hongkong Inland Revenue Department does not provide the nationality of the non local residents who purchase property in Hong kong. Shanghai commercial bank in Hongkong research director Ryan Lam said, the investment in the property market in Hongkong, non local investors, mainland buyers is the protagonist, the recent pace of their purchase of real estate in Hongkong is accelerating. Devaluation expectations, mainland buyers are reducing the exposure of the renminbi, Hong Kong dollar assets is a good choice for hedging." WPL’s executive director Huang Guangyao said earlier this month, the purchase of Wheelock [-1.75%] real estate real estate for the mass market of mainland buyers than a year ago has doubled, accounting for 10%. In addition, according to industry analysis of the reasons for the recent influx of mainland investors in Hongkong home, including the devaluation of the renminbi to Hong Kong dollar assets, the mainland to tighten the real estate market, as well as the developer to give tax subsidies. Merrill Lynch analyst in the report pointed out that the mainland property market soared after a year, between Hongkong and the mainland first-tier cities price gap has been narrowing, more mainland investors for the diversification of assets and wealth for the purpose of hedging, may consider the purchase of second homes in Hongkong. In fact, the mainland housing prices soaring, eleven after the national day, first-tier cities as well as Tianjin, Hefei, Zhengzhou and other 22 city, launched a series of macro-control policies, from the credit limit, the purchase of land supply, market supervision and other multi pronged approach, to cool the hot property market. A number of data show that the volume and prices of major cities have declined. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: