Hongkong insurance industry gross premiums increased 10.3% to HK $374 billion 100 million last year superrecovery

The insurance industry in Hongkong last year, total gross premiums increased by 10.3% to HK $374 billion 100 million – Beijing, China News Agency, Hongkong in September 30, the Hongkong SAR Government OCI OCI?? according to the insurance company to submit the audited statements and actuarial data, 30 released 2015? Hongkong insurance business statistics. In 2015, gross premiums for the insurance industry in Hongkong increased by 10.3% to HK $374 billion 100 million. Long term insurance business, compared with 2014 2015 premium individual life new business, rose 17.6% to HK $128 billion 100 million; individual life (non linked) business of the new office premiums rose 26.9% to HK $117 billion 800 million; individual life (linked) to the new office premiums fell 36% to HK $10 billion 300 million. Number of new policies in 2015 rose 12.3% to 1168123. As regards the effective business, the total premium of the policy increased from HK $295 billion 700 million to HK $328 billion 100 million in 2014, an increase of $11%. Personal life insurance business is still the main business category, the effective policy premium of HK $309 billion 300 million, accounting for about 94.3% of the total market. Compared with 2014, gross and net premiums for the general insurance business increased 5.4% to HK $46 billion and HK $6.4% to HK $32 billion 100 million in 2015. The OCI said gross premiums rose mainly by accident and health services driven by the gross premium of HK $11 billion 500 million in 2014 jumped 17.9% to $13 billion 600 million, the car business gross premiums by HK $4 billion 800 million in 2014 rose 9.4% to HK $5 billion 300 million. (end)相关的主题文章: