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UnCategorized Fast growing companies often find it difficult to manage consistency and reliability of service as they scale to their next level of growth. They need to systematize what works and leverage technology to enjoy the benefits of scale. How do you build consistency and reliability as you scale up? Notes from a conversation with Greg Hartwell, CEO and Managing Director, Homecare California, Inc.: Invest time and effort to build an experienced management team. As a small company building a new service delivery model, it is helpful for the founders to know all of the roles so that you have a sense of what is needed to fill each management role. Be open to hiring people from other industries. This brings a fresh perspective and broadens the pool of talent. You want a large pool of candidates from which to select. There’s value in some level of existing industry experience, but attitude and fitting the company culture are key. From a skill standpoint, the split between tactical and strategic skills is 80 / 20. A basic set of skills is necessary, but much of the specialized knowledge of our industry can be learned. For us, the primary requirement for a new employee is a mentality of customer sensitivity. Institutionalize how you recruit, screen, hire, train and retain. How do you do it like Disney – attracting and hiring the best of the best? You do this by knowing your market and the personality of those who will excel in your market. Knowing this greatly simplifies the screening process. We work very hard on training. Our company is very customer-focused, and this starts with our employees. We complement natural talent with training that focuses on soft skills, and on encouraging consistency and reliability of service. Find great advisors who can help build a training and retention system that works for you. Don’t be shy about taking the best ideas and experience that you can find from others. Minimize turnover by compensating people well, and treating them even better. Build a culture of recognition and shared experience that emphasizes the importance of the team and its members. The goal is to build consistency at the human level. Embrace technology which enhances your ability to scale. Our business highly leverages human capital – a small core office group supports 100 people in the field. We need to ensure that our people turn up when they should and that they are delivering good care. We can’t wait for something bad to happen and then rush to fix it. We have to anticipate and work to prevent mishaps. We are looking at communication technologies that allow us to touch patients more consistently. We want to tighten the bond between the patient and us as the agency which is overseeing their care. There is a natural bond that forms between patient and caregiver. We want to strengthen the bold with the agency by providing value-added services that are valuable and affordable. Hand-held device technology will develop rapidly over the next 5-10 years. This has the potential to increase consistency and reliability of service, enhance case reporting, reduce the frequency of human error, reduce the ratio of supervisors to caregivers, and increase productivity. We will be at the forefront of companies leveraging technology in our business. About the Author: Sandy McMahon is publisher of Ceo2Ceos (.Ceo2Ceos..), a non-.mercial site for executives to share best practices. He is also President of Executive Forums of Silicon Valley. With over 20 years of executive experience, Sandy has a BA from Brown, an EdM from Harvard, and an MBA from Duke. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: