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Science Now that we have entered the .puter age, you would think that everyone has to know a little bit about electronics and technology, right? Oddly, not that many people do. Some of us can plug in a .puter, turn it on, and operate a few software programs. Others might even be able to clean up a .puters operating system or reconfigure some of its workings. Yet, a majority of .puter users know very little about how the machinery works or what to do when it doesnt. The same holds true for household appliances and gadgets. When the dishwasher stops working or the satellite goes out, we call a repairperson and wait on his or her expertise instead of fixing something ourselves. That is perhaps the safest and wisest thing to do, if not the most economical. But wouldnt it be nice to know how to change a fuse, install track lighting, or repair a ceiling fan? All of these jobs require a basic knowledge of electronics technology. If you want to learn something about the way electric works in your home, you can always take an electronics class. There you will learn how basic systems work and perhaps be able to start fixing a few things on your own. In fact, you could always go for a two-year degree in Electronic Technology at your local .munity college. This should provide enough information to help you keep up with basic household repairs and know who to call for help with the bigger jobs. You also can find useful handbooks or electronics manuals at the bookstore or library. Reading up on this topic will provide detailed information on how electric makes everyday things work to our advantage. If you have questions, you could call an expert or a hardware store sales associate. A home supply store also may have information available on electronic systems, and some stores offer occasional workshops or seminars on topics related to this field. Of course, you should always be careful when learning about electrical systems and operations. It is easy to get shocked if you touch a live wire or connect the wrong one. Double- and triple-check each step before .pleting it to be sure you have taken adequate precautions. Keep needed equipment on hand to avoid having to stop in the middle of a task and run out for electrical tape or a pair of pliers. Learning to understand electricity and its .plex role in modern life can be challenging and meaningful. Get all the information you need before making any needed home repairs, and dont hesitate to ask for help if you need it. The worst mistake you could make is trying to do electrical work that you dont fully understand or are not prepared to undertake, which could lead to serious or even fatal consequences. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: