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Advertising Internet Advertising has expanded itself out of the boundaries of the traditional functions of advertising. With the kind of interaction facilitated by Internet Advertising, it is no longer restricted to just communicating messages of the brand. Internet Advertising has grown in scope to cover almost all the functions of marketing. Be it the 360 degree feedbacks from clients, setting up of meetings, and in case of e-businesses, even actual sales, Internet Advertising is completely capable of handling all the aspects of marketing. This article explores the ways in which a user reacts to an Internet Ad and how the impact can be increased and he be taken from the initial steps of promotion to right over the threshold of sales. Attract & Engage Internet Advertising starts with goals similar to any other form of advertising Attract the user and engage him. However, due to the possibilities brought in by web 2.0 and enhancements of the future updates, the power of attracting and engaging is multiple times higher than the other platforms. Inclusion of Rich Media Content can infuse colors and vibrancy to bring an Internet Ad alive. While it is indeed important to play by the strength here and utilize technology for increasing impact, the simplicity of the ad should not be lost at any cost. High Visibility One of the common ways in which users react to ads on the internet is by following it up with further research. For example, suppose a user sees a Banner Ad about product X while he is on a relevant web page. If the ad generates interest, it is very likely that the user will look for more information about X on the net. It is vital for the brand that it is easily visible on the search engines during that time. Thus, Internet Advertisements should be amply supported by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) in order to achieve and maintain high visibility on the net. Studies have shown that if the user is unable to find information on the brand during such researches, he is quick to move to a competitor. It is advisable to hire Internet Advertising Agencies like MAD Advertising Agency which provides SEO and SMO services along with the Web Banner Ads. User Friendly Website An attractive ad and high visibility will lead the user to the website of the brand. However, it is the brands website that will serve as the platform for initiating actual business. A website which users do not find user friendly will push away potential consumers and all the work done by the ad will go down the drains. There has to a strategic synchronization between the ad and the landing pages of the brands website. It should be made sure that whatever the ad promises should be fulfilled at its landing page itself without any requirement of further navigation. Feedbacks Apart from their traditional roles of blowing the trumpet of the brands, Internet Ads can also be used to obtain feedback. Ads on the theme of Tell us what you want can be placed on the net. Such Web Banners can then lead to questionnaires where inputs from the users can be taken. Such an ad would enhance the reputation of the brand apart from obtaining valuable inputs that can be used to stay ahead of the competition. Internet Advertising is no longer just the banners that are posted at web pages and search engine results pages. It has taken the form of complete marketing solutions for your brand. Contact a Top Internet Advertising Agency to learn more on the matter. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: