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Beauty It can be useful to share Cricket wireless if you are paying for Crickets mobile Internet service and would like to share it with multiple .puters. Fortunately, the networking applications that are provided by Microsoft Windows permit the easy sharing of connections to other .puters. Dont forget that when you are splitting a connection that is wireless you might experience slower than normal download times depending on the number of .puters using the connection and the current network conditions. First, you have to connect the Cricket modem. This terminal will be the host to which the other .puter(s) connect. If this is the first time you have used the modem the required installation software is included with the modem but if have used this modem previously, the connection should begin automatically. After the Cricket modem is connected, load a webpage to verify connectivity. After the host .puter is connected successfully by means of Cricket, start the client .puter that will eventually be connected to the host. Configure network sharing on the host .puter. Load the Internet Connection and Network settings menu in the Control Panel on the .puter that is connected to the Cricket network. Click the wireless connection that you need to share which will have the name of Cricket. Under the Properties tab, choose Advanced Options and select the option that permits the other .puters to connect to the Internet by means of the hosts Internet connection. Once the settings are changed, acknowledge them by clicking OK. Next, on the client .puter, enable sharing. Load the Internet Connection and Network menu on the Control Panel. Right click on the Local Area Connection option and choose Properties on the list of available networks. Under General, check the options to have the .puter obtain an IP address automatically and permit a TCP/IP connection to be used. Once the settings are updated, click OK. Last, .plete the connection. Connect the host .puter to the client by means of a wireless network, a Bluetooth network or an Ethernet cable, depending on the features of your .puter. On the client .puter, launch the Inter. Connection and .work control panel and start the Connection Wizard. Select the option to permit manual configuration of the connection. Choose the option that allows you to use a broadband connection that is always active and click on Finish. After that, both devices will be available on the Cricket connection. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: