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Hubei police destroy large telecommunications network fraud gang involved more than 1340 – Beijing newspaper news (reporter correspondent Yang Yu Peng Dongyouyang) recently, the Hubei police after 2 months of investigation, 10 days ago destroyed a large inter provincial telecommunications network fraud Gang, the case involving more than 1340 yuan. Yesterday, the Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau held a news conference, informed the province to combat telecommunications fraud network work. Since November 1st last year, the province has destroyed the telecommunications network fraud criminal gangs 145, cheated 9 million 470 thousand yuan of funds to freeze. In February 25th this year, the Jingzhou public Deng Moumou recommended by friends to join a so-called stock master Tang teacher stock group. In addition to the recommended stocks, live stocks, "Mr. Tang" also send some of the group continue to fry oil money earnings last year by the screenshots, claiming to make a Land Rover car. April 25th, the heart of Deng Moumou under the guidance of the Tang teacher, in an exchange of crude oil spot trading platform registered account. Deng Moumou then have to make a loss, but the amount is not large, the Tang teacher also gradually trust. In mid May, Deng Moumou heard "Tang teacher said there was a big market to join," Wynn corps ", which doubled, but in more than 1 million accounts. So the "Tang teacher convinced Deng to raise money around, don’t want to miss the opportunity to" get rich ". However, he never thought of himself, in accordance with the "Tang teachers" guidance, in May 20th and 27 days of trading, suffered heavy losses, 1 million There is not much left. Grew more and more wrong, Deng Moumou woke up and hastened to the police. Police found in the investigation, Tang teacher frequent activities in the vicinity of Whampoa  district and Baiyun District, Guangzhou, and Deng Moumou experienced stocks, suspected of a telecommunications network fraud trap. Associate with "Mr. Tang" very close to Jo, Lee, Hou three, cross holding 3 companies, and the 3 companies have a large number of employees in the online operation spot. Through the investigation of the exchange of Deng Moumou oil exchange, found that the exchange will provide members of the trading platform to use the authority, by charging a commission fee. To pay the deposit before the exchange member customers use the platform, if the member unit of customer margin losses, the return of all, if the customer profitability, will have to deduct the amount of margin. A company wants to become a member of the exchange unit, but also the need for Guarantee Corporation, security companies. This is the three kind of identity, Jo, Lee, Hou name because there are 3 companies. "Tang teacher" is the member of the manipulator, induced by Deng Moumou such as client operating losses, to help members earn customers pay the deposit, to draw a commission. Only in May, "Mr. Tang" has made 160 thousand yuan commission. To identify the basic situation of the gang, Hubei provincial public security corps led a task force of more than 200 police rushed to the city of Guangzhou. In Guangdong Province Public Security Bureau, Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, Hubei police in 13, respectively, in Shenzhen District, Guangzhou, Huangpu District and baiyun.相关的主题文章: