Hundreds of soldiers in the army reserve soldiers returned to the post for many years still fighting ca1810

Hundreds of soldiers in the army reserve soldiers back to the post: Veterans for many years there is still fighting if there is a war, the call will be returned to the Rockets oath. (data) the scorching sun, hot rolling. In mid August, I saw in the rocket army base training regiment drill field, hundreds of returning to training of reserve soldiers to be in full swing training their body close to the hot ground, low posture, side posture prone, hands and legs and COGI, quick action deft. The base of military affairs at the general staff Xu Haibo told reporters that this year the number of reserve soldiers although retired for many years, but still have a strong sense of organization and discipline. After the mobilization order issued, they did not complain, do not talk about conditions, overcome difficulties from all over the country to report on time. Report to the scorching sun, the surface temperature close to 40 degrees celsius. The awarding ceremony ended, reserve soldiers began training the first lesson: junzi station. I saw at the scene, reserve soldiers in the training ground head in the sun, back straight, for a whole hour standing still, no one complained called tired. Report the day before, Shanxi Ji retired soldier Li Wen and Shi Lei take the high-speed rail via Shijiazhuang, trains delayed due to heavy rain for 17 hours, while they are waiting anxiously for the station, suddenly received a notice to cancel trips. In order not to delay training, has been waiting for a day and a night in the train station several soldiers, and then rushed to Zhengzhou, the taxi ride hundreds of kilometers to return to the army on the night. When ordered to forget his home, when he forget their parents. Henan Ji retired soldier Zhang Jie 3 days before the birth, but after receiving the task, he did not hesitate to leave the family, troops in Inner Mongolia; Chifeng city business Li Wenqiang after receiving the order, with the customer to explain the situation, simply pick up the luggage, rush to the station…… In order to improve the professional training base, the base from the original unit of veteran soldier deployed specialized teacher based teaching. Reporters saw in the ladder classroom, the teacher on the stage to explain, there are a lot of soldiers in the background silently silent, still remember the technical parameters of missile and related theory. The reserve battalion commander Chen Yonglin said: "although the reserve soldiers had been retired for many years, but most of the soldiers still maintained a high military accomplishment, a little training can join the fight." Serving in the armed forces is a college student soldier Cui Wugang, even though 3 years did not hit the target, in the shooting training, the bullet is still playing a good performance of the 47 rings of 5. Wearing a reserve rank on the shoulder, it means that the responsibility on the shoulders. According to the base commander Liu Qide introduced their soldiers and reservists in carrying out the training conducted a number of communication, guiding them to fully understand the reserve service is not only a legal obligation, but also a soldier’s duty, we are actively cooperate to report on time, to ensure the effective reserve usually can emergency, to fight in war. (Shi Yijie, Feng Jinyuan)相关的主题文章: