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IATA said the 2015 crash deaths fell not including de wing accident – Sohu news information: France roever, French rescue workers mourn Germanwings crash victims. Beijing, February (Xinhua) 16   according to foreign media reports, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) 15, said, 2015 crash and related deaths decreased compared with the previous year, far below the five year mean, is a particularly safe year". IATA’s latest annual aviation safety report shows that there were about 68 air crashes last year, 77 in 2014, and 90 in the last five years. In 2015, 4 people died in the air crash, and 12 people died in 2014. "Judging from the number of fatalities, 2015 was a particularly safe year," Taylor, chairman and CEO of IATA, said in a statement. 136 people were killed in the air crash, and 641 people were killed in the crash in 2014, with an average of 504 people in five years. Data: French Le Werner, French rescuers mourn the victims of the German wing of the crash. According to IATA, if you count the German Budget airline company Germanwings and Russia Kogalym Airlines (Metrojet) plane crash, the total number of deaths will increase to 510 people. But the IATA crash data do not include the two air crashes, because they were identified as illegal intervention of human events. The German wing pilot crashed the airliner in the French Alps, and C Garay M’s plane was suspected of being bombed by a bombed machine on the Sinai peninsula. "The mental health and safety problems exposed in these air crashes are not easy to solve, but the aviation industry continues to work hard to minimize the risk of recurrent accidents," Taylor said. IATA称2015年空难死亡人数下降 未包括德翼等事故-搜狐新闻 资料图:法国勒韦尔内,法国救援人员悼念德国之翼空难遇难者。   中新网2月16日电  据外媒报道,国际航空运输协会(IATA)15日称,2015年空难及相关死亡人数较之前一年下降,远低于五年均值,是“特别安全的一年”。  IATA最新的年度航空安全报告显示,去年发生了约68起空难,而2014年为77起,过去五年的均值为90起。2015年的空难中,4起有人员死亡,2014年则有12起空难中有人员死亡。  “从有人员死亡的空难数量来看,2015年是特别安全的一年,”IATA理事长兼首席执行官泰勒在声明中指出。  报告涉及的空难中有136人丧生,2014年的空难中有641人丧生,五年均值为504人。   资料图:法国勒韦尔内,法国救援人员悼念德国之翼空难遇难者。  IATA的数据显示,如果再算上德国廉价航空公司德国之翼和俄罗斯科加雷姆航空公司(Metrojet)的空难事故,死亡总人数将增加至510人。  但IATA的空难数据中并不包括这两次空难,因为它们被认定为非法干预下的人为事件。德国之翼的飞行员蓄意将客机坠毁在法国阿尔卑斯山区,科加雷姆的客机疑似在西奈半岛被偷运上机的炸弹炸毁。  “这些空难中暴露出的心理健康和安全问题并不容易解决,但航空业继续努力将事故再次发生的风险降到最小,”泰勒说道。相关的主题文章: