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"Ice cream taste the sweetness of success into the Russian diplomacy" Chinese market – Sohu news in the context of the devaluation of the ruble, Russia also has ice cream price advantage of the G20 summit in Hangzhou, Russian President Putin to China leaders sent a special gift — Russian ice cream with "high quality raw material, its traditional flavor, Russian ice cream a fire the G20 summit, a large number of dealers to the relevant city entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the Russian import business consulting ice cream with the export volume increasing, Russian ice cream into a comprehensive market China Chengdu Daily reporter Wang Yalin will usher in the National Day golden week in Manchuria, has been in the nighttime minimum temperatures below zero degrees celsius. However, a Russian food imports from the business is still hot. This food is at the G20 summit in Hangzhou, Russian President Putin gave Chinese President Xi Jinping’s special gift – Russian ice cream. "Reference News" reported that President Xi Jinping is very grateful to the kindness of Putin, and said he would go to Russia every time to buy Russian ice cream, and then take back to enjoy. Perhaps because of this, to high-quality raw materials, the traditional taste of Russian ice cream has recently been touted by Chinese consumers, becoming one of China’s imports of popular Russian food. 26 just concluded the Heilongjiang international green organic food industry expo (referred to as the Green Fair) on the fourth, Russian ice cream was snapped up. The whole industry chain are feeling this share of Russian ice cream by the hot pursuit. Hot Manchuria: ice cream value grew over 10 times the value of an increase of 96% in Suifenhe: ice cream Manchuria entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau released statistics show that from January 2016 to August, Manchuria Port imported 271.4 tons of Russian ice cream, the value of $863 thousand, an increase of 267.3%, 1387.9% respectively, to maintain rapid growth. Staff Xie Jinyong said in an interview with the Chengdu Business Daily reporter, after the G20 summit, a large number of dealers to consult their Russian ice cream import business. From September 1st to the present (21 days), a total of nearly 20 companies have come to consult, and in the past, there are only a total of only a total of four or five companies operating Russian imports of ice cream business." Xie Jinyong said, this year 1 to August year-on-year growth of imports of Russian ice cream value is more than 10 times, because the more high-grade goods imports this year, Russian ice cream. He said that Russia’s general ice cream in China is priced at 15 yuan, $25 or $30, while the price of high-grade ice cream in about 50 yuan ~ $per box. Another important trade port city of Russia in China – Suifenhe, but also experienced and Manchuria, Russia’s rapid growth in the import of ice cream situation. Suifenhe entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau data show that as of June, the first half of this year, Suifenhe Port imported 71.1 tons of Russian ice road, the value of $141 thousand, an increase of 206% and 96% respectively. "相关的主题文章: