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In Silicon Valley, over 40 years old and then a job at the plastic surgery in order to show the young [editor’s note] technology Tencent wrote before the foreign media introduced older employees in Silicon Valley suffered. Because the skills have become obsolete, many of them have been the company’s dismissal, only some odd jobs, some sold endowment house, still have to through the cosmetic can barely find a new job. The following is the content of the original text. Last fall after losing his job, Andrea · Rodrigues (Andrea Rodriguez) set up. She does not want to continue to work, but to look younger before the last ditch. She was SugarCRM’s success as a sales trainer, which is headquartered in Cupertino, California company dedicated to the sales marketing and customer service software. But suddenly, over the age of 50, she joined the Silicon Valley jobs. At the beginning, she recalls, a hiring manager once told her: "our team members are very different in age – some have just graduated from college, and the oldest is 48 years old." She was speechless, I do not know how to respond. So, after taking part in other interviews, she never wore those 5 suits, but replaced a colorful sweater or jacket, and then with a skirt. She began to regularly visit Reddit, Yelp, IMDb and MSNBC, from Urban Dictionary for their new words and good conversation with others of superhero movies and Jinzhou warriors and the Kardashian sisters. She has 500 contacts on LinkedIn, she also opened Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat, and even began to write blog. A hiring manager of HP company’s wireless equipment maker Aruba saw her blog, so in 5 months when unemployed, Rodrigues also found a sales trainer’s work. In order to let those around twenty or thirty year old colleagues put her as a sister, and aunt, she deliberately lounge or company through a variety of activities with my colleagues to mingle. At this time, Reddit and IMDb will come in handy. "If you talk about" the sound of music "inside the Julie · (Andrews), (Julie), then there is no chat." She said, "you’ll be treated as an outsider." The median age of the working staff in the United States is 42 years old, and the age is normal. But according to market research firm PayScale statistics, the median age of Silicon Valley technology company employees are more likely to is 31 years old (Apple), 30 (Google (micro-blog) and Tesla), 29 (Facebook and LinkedIn), or even younger. · San Francisco employment lawyer Michael; Welch (Michael Welch) said that other industries are out of older employees, the younger, lower cost of labor, but the area experienced technology companies to resume especially do not like, even.相关的主题文章: