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Independent models highlight the focus of the show, Guangzhou automobile Sohu listed models Summary – once a year at the Guangzhou motor show grand activities brought great in strength and impetus, many new models for us, the compact SUV market fiery car market still continues, there are a few models launched. Here we will take a look at the Guangzhou auto show the focus of listed models. The Guangzhou auto show 1 Infiniti QX30, Infiniti spotted a luxury compact SUV market is hot, also released a compact crossover SUV, in which, the price of 24.98 yuan to 389 thousand and 800 yuan. One of the two 1.6T models for 249 thousand and 800 yuan, $275 thousand and 800, 2.0T models for 29.58 – $389 thousand and 800. As a high value of Yan masterpiece, QX30 size 44251815 1573mm, wheelbase 2700mm, vehicle using the same with the Mercedes Benz GLA MFA positioning platform, a compact crossover SUV, is a luxury brand models into the compact SUV market. In addition to vehicle refined dynamic appearance, excellent handling performance is Infiniti’s strengths, turbocharged engine 1.6T, 2.0T collocation 7 speed DCT dual clutch gearbox, the 1.6T engine with 122 horsepower and 156 horsepower two versions, the 2.0T engine delivers 211 horsepower version. Coupled with the large size of the wheels and low compact body, QX30 is bound to be very popular with young people. The concern is that at this stage the import version, is expected to post will be domestic, and it may be like the BMW X1, there will be a long process, which will undoubtedly further cater to the needs of people like. Integrated current price point of view, the domestic price will not increase after the extension of the fall, the price will be significantly improved, if it can be complemented by an appropriate preferential efforts, then, QX30L’s product force will reach an unprecedented peak. 2 view of the 3GT in the various sections of the SUV in the pursuit of movement elements, the concept of the Guangzhou auto show also launched its own sports models – view caused by 3GT. The car positioning a cross-border sports models, a total of two models, 1.6T manual version priced at $110 thousand and 900, 1.6T DCT dual clutch version of 139 thousand and 900 yuan. Speaking of GT models, we can think of the luxury sports brand, BMW, Martha Lahti, then the concept of 3GT, how also out of a GT? Qoros qoros 3 3GT based platform to build full ground clearance of up to 170mm, and the collocation of the 1.6T turbo engine, 6 speed manual transmission or 6 speed dual clutch gearbox, reaching 115Kw maximum power and peak torque of 230Nm. As a new cross-border SUV, qoros 3GT not only enrich the qoros own product line, enrich the traditional SUV market, make up the gap in the market, to create a stylish, comfortable and comprehensive models of sports. Just view of the domestic luxury brand positioning, combined with some of its high price, is not very acceptable to consumers, this time.相关的主题文章: